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Data analysis is the foundation upon which statistics are built on and as a statistics student, you will realize that over 70% of the course work you encounter is related to data analysis. Good grades in any data analysis units you encounter are important in propelling you into a successful career after college.

Technology has greatly influenced data analysis and management today. In the corporate world, people are talking about terms like data mining and big data which essentially are all linked to technological advancements. Many businesses today have global markets and that means the amount of data you have to deal with when studying market trends is tremendous. Analyzing this kind of data has also been made simpler through various analysis techniques and software, and the main challenge lies in knowing how to use these methods for data analysis.

More often than not, students of statistics have faced challenges with tough data analysis assignments and this is mainly due to the confusion caused by the analysis methods. Some of these methods are very cumbersome to implement and require high-level skills. Most of the data analysis techniques are also closely interrelated in implementation and this causes a lot of confusion among these students.

However, good grades are very important especially for students seeking to get into employment after college. Taking into consideration that data analysis is the backbone of statistics, good grades in data analysis units will increase your chances of being hired by any firm you send an application to. You, therefore, can’t afford to perform poorly on any data analysis assignment considering the fact that assignment grades play a huge role in your final GPA standing.

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Overview of Data Analysis

In statistics, data analysis is the process of inspecting and modeling raw data using various statistical methods in order to obtain useful information that supports decision-making. It, therefore, encompasses the whole process squeezing out useful information from raw data, starting from data collection to data visualization.

Some of the techniques used in data analysis include descriptive analysis, regression analysis, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, time series, decision trees, neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, dispersion analysis, fuzzy logic, etc.

Business intelligence, Data Science and Data mining are some of the key areas where data analysis is important and understanding the basic data analysis techniques is necessary for anyone who wants to advance in these fields. Apart from businesses, data analysis is also key in the fields of science and social sciences where statistics methods have been used to analyze information.

Units of study under data analysis

Business intelligence

Business intelligence comprises of the techniques and technologies used in data analysis of business information. Through business intelligence, enterprises are able to discover new opportunities and make informed business decisions. Some of the techniques used in business intelligence include Online analytical processing, analytics, process mining, reporting, etc.

Data mining

Data mining involves the use of machine learning algorithms, statistical methods and databases to obtain patterns from large data sets. The main goal of this process is to obtain useful information from massive chunks of data which would technically take humans years to analyze but the use of software breaks it down much faster. Data mining software also integrates statistical methods in them and these include regression analysis, cluster analysis and use of scatter plots for visualization.

Data modeling

This refers to the use of mathematical formulae and algorithms to identify patterns and relationships among the variables in the data. Data modeling is therefore used mainly to identify correlation in the raw data.

Data dissemination and integration

Data integration involves the process of combining data from different sources, analyzing the data and providing a unified presentation of useful information from the combined data. Dissemination, on the other hand, refers to breaking down huge amounts of data into smaller chunks for analysis.

Data Visualization

This is the process of communicating the information obtained after analysis mainly through visual representation. Some of the techniques used in data visualization include plots, statistical graphics and information graphics.

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