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Just as some put it, data is the gold of the 21st century and this is not far from the truth considering how valuable data in the corporate market today. Many businesses and companies today aim at global markets and getting to understand the various market trends and patterns is equally important for the success of the business.

This has pushed the growth of data mining as a career field because the demand of professionals, who can point out relevant information from massive data, is on the rise. Being a potential greenfield, many students in various institutions are taking courses that involve data mining studies. This is mainly to equip these students with skills that are more relevant to the job market and make them more employable.

Data mining is a unit that you won’t miss in any statistics/computer science/data science class. Assignments and projects on data mining have been known to cause chaos for students who in most cases find themselves sweating to get an average grade in these.

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What is data mining

Many companies collect client information either directly or indirectly and majorly this information is stored digitally in databases. For the well-established companies, you are likely to find tons of information in their databases, some being relevant and some irrelevant. With this kind of massive information, it can be hard to break down the information bit by bit to discover relevant information that cuts across a majority of the clients. With the help of some computer algorithms and statistical methods, this is fairly straight forward and majorly this is what forms the basis of data mining.

Put simply, data mining is the process of discovering patterns of information from massive amounts of data stored in databases. This process involves the use of machine learning algorithms and statistical techniques as well. For an individual to be an expert at data mining therefore, not only do you need your statistical skills but computer skills come in handy as well especially when using databases and data mining software.

The challenge many students encounter is the complexity with which some of these data mining software is built. More often, students are always stuck not knowing how to proceed because they encounter highly sophisticated software suites with which they are required to break down information.

At Statistics Homework Helper, we have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to cover all your homework problems no matter how tough they may seem to be or the software required to use. Some of the data mining software we frequently work with include

  • Data Applied
  • NLTK
  • GMDH shell
  • GeneXpro tools
  • Senn
  • Omni Analyser
  • MEPX
  • ELKI
  • Massive Online Analysis (MOA), etc.

Objectives of data mining

The end goal of any data mining process is to determine patterns from large data sets and from these patterns, useful information can be deduced. This information can be used for the identification of new trends, prediction of future trends, and decision making.

The process of data mining involves the following tasks:

Deviation/anomaly detection – In data mining, the first step is to identify any information that seems to be deviating from what is expected. These include unusual data records or maybe errors that may have been wrongly entered into the database.

Dependency modeling – This is done to attain an association among the variables. Together with statistical descriptive analysis methods, significant information such as the most frequently occurring variables and averages can be extracted.

Clustering – This involves discovering structures in the data which are closely related in one way or another without using already known structures. Mainly, this is done with the help of machine learning algorithms.

Classification – Once the new data has been clustered out, we can apply already known structures to this data as a means of categorizing the new data. This is known as classification.

Regression – Through regression analysis, we can establish a mathematical function that models the data with the least amount of error. This function is then used to compare and establish the relationships that exist among the various data sets. With the help of computer software, these functions can easily be generated with a high level of accuracy unlike doing the analysis by hand.

Summarization –  involves visualization of the data and report generation. The data has to be presented in a more compact and easy to understand manner and this is exactly what this stage is about.

Topics covered under our data mining homework help service

Data mining techniques Bayesian networks
Data visualization Regression analysis
Machine learning and neural networks Genetic algorithm
Decision trees Structured data analysis

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