Research Paper Assignment help

Research Paper Assignment help

Writing a detailed and well-formatted research paper can be very challenging for any student in college. Research papers require adept knowledge of the discipline you are writing about and you also have to be proficient with your writing skills; mainly academic writing skills.

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What is a Research paper

A research paper refers to a piece of academic writing where the student is required to give a detailed description of their understanding of a particular subject/discipline and support their argument using research data.

Research papers can be broadly categorized into:

  • Argumentative papers

The main goal of argumentative papers is to focus the reader’s attention to the arguments that relate to the main topic. They give details of the author’s point of view and support them with primary sources of information. Students crafting argumentative papers should, therefore, be very persuasive and meticulous in expressing their ideas with simplicity.

  • Analytical papers

These are mainly aimed at sparking the critical thinking capabilities of students and gauge their problem-solving skills. In most cases, they are broad topics which require students to carry out informal analysis of various aspects and come up with fact-based conclusions. These papers should deeply describe both the negative and positive aspects of the topic and clearly bring out the foundation upon which the judgment was made.

  • Definition papers

These are papers that require the student to define topics in their own words and understanding. In most cases, they are not very lengthy and they just give bare facts based on what other researchers think of the topic.

  • Reports

Reports are mainly linked to case studies and experiments. They give a full break-down of the topic from hypotheses to recommendations. They also include detailed steps of how the case study was conducted and the outcome that was obtained.

  • Compare and Contrast

These are papers that are aimed at bringing out the differences and similarities between two or more subjects. These could also be various points of view of the same topic. These are common in the fields of philosophy, social sciences, and literature.

  • Cause and effect

These are used to track the results of some action in a logical progression. They clearly define the action and give details on the expected results. They also break-down other possible results which may arise under special conditions.

Elements of a good research paper

  1. Clear and limited focus – The subject of the paper should be very clear from the beginning to the end of the paper. All the paragraphs should point back to the main topic and should clearly bring out the author’s perception of the primary topic.
  2. Logical structure – A good paper should have a straight forward layout that clearly makes out the different parts of the article. Generally, it should contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  3. Evidence-based arguments – Research papers should contain well-informed arguments based on solid evidence. This could be evidence drafted by other researchers or experiments carried out by yourself. Strong evidence gives the paper more credibility attracting better grades.
  4. Use an impersonal tone – In as much as some research papers require the author’s personal point of view, they should not suggest, in any way, that the author’s arguments are coming from an emotional basis or bias in any way. Whether you agree or disagree, all your arguments should be objective and fact-based.

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