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What is Operations Research (OR)

Operations research is a field of study that mainly deals with the application of advanced analytical methods in decision making. Most of these analytical methods applied are statistical techniques of data analysis and this is why studying OR is significant for students of statistics.

OR makes use of statistical methods, mathematical models and optimization techniques to come up with optimal solutions to complex problems. Some of the disciplines which OR heavily overlaps with include

  • Simulation
  • Stochastic and random processes
  • Financial engineering
  • Computing and information technologies
  • Revenue management
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply chain management

Methods used in Operations Research

Analytical methods

The analytical methods emphasize on the optimization aspect of OR. Inferential statistical methods and mathematical optimization techniques are majorly applied here. Some of these techniques include linear programming, stochastic programming, random optimization, classification, clustering, regression, etc.

Numerical methods

These mainly cover mathematical algorithms that are used for data analysis. They include descriptive statistical methods such as standard deviation, variance, and measures of central tendency, analysis of variance, least square method, etc.

Topics covered by our operations research assignment service

Applied mathematics

This refers to the application of mathematical algorithms in solving operations research problems. Mathematical optimization and mathematical modeling are key parts of OR. Solid mathematical skills and accuracy are therefore important for students to avoid simple mistakes on OR assignments.


Optimization is a topic that is likely to surface in any OR assignment you encounter. Mainly, OR uses stochastic programming to model dynamic decisions and these largely use stochastic optimization techniques.

The methods involved here are always challenging and very confusing for students. Help from our experts can help you avoid the stress of such assignments. They will do all the required research for you and craft the solutions and all you have to do is submit the assignment and get the grades you want.


Simulation is a very important process in OR. In the engineering industry, for example, once a set of conditions has been pre-determined to be the optimal conditions, they have to be simulated just to make sure the theory matches the practical.

In most cases, this simulation requires the use of advanced technological and mathematical skills which many students do not possess. If you are one such student then getting our help with OR simulation assignments is your best way of getting quality grades.

Other sub-topics include:

Financial mathematics Graph theory
Mathematical biology Decision analysis
Scientific computing Mathematical modeling

Fields of application

Some of the fields where OR specialists professionally apply their skills include:

  • Transport industry
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Computing and telecommunications
  • Urban design
  • Public health

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