Business statistics assignment help

Successful completion of business statistics assignments is a stressful task for many students. A majority of these students are always challenged by the complex statistical methods involved in such assignments. To others, the assignments require massive amounts of research that they can’t really cope up with.

For many students undertaking business statistics, quality grades in assignments have remained to be a dream that might never come true. Even on assignments that look easy, many students still register poor grades.

Most students really don’t know how to write their assignments in a professional manner in order to attract the top grades. As a result, many end up with average grades even if they had the correct answers.

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What is business statistics

Business statistics refers to the application of statistical methods and techniques of data analysis in business. The main objective of business statistics is to help businesses to analyze market variables, predict trends and make informed decisions.

Business statistics is applied in any field with a business setup. These include the banking industry, manufacturing and processing industries, stock trading, telecommunications, etc. At one point, all these industries require market research and analysis to make decisions. This is where business statisticians come in handy and therefore good grades in business statistics are very important.

The wider subject of business statistics can be categorized into the following sub-fields:

  1. Business analytics
  2. Business intelligence

Business analytics

Business analytics refers to the techniques and methods used to explore past business performance. The main objective is to understand business performance and develop new insights based on data and statistical exploration. The analysis can then be used for future business planning.

Business intelligence

Unlike business analytics, BI is mainly focused on querying, reporting and online analytical processing (OLAP). BI technologies are also used for data mining, complex event processing, business performance management, process mining, benchmarking, etc.

Essentially, there is a thin line separating the two and sometimes they are used interchangeably.

Topics we cover in business statistics

Business statistics is a very broad subject of study with so many topics which are interrelated. These cause confusion for students and many who have turned to us for help on various topics have found solace here. Listed below are some of the common topics we have handled

  • descriptive statistical methods – These are statistical methods that quantify and summarize statistical data. They include measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion. Analysis of the result is mainly based on observable characteristics which can be used to group the sample into several categories.
  • Inferential statistical methods – These are methods that are more inclined towards the probability theory. Here, statistical methods are used on available data and the result is used to predict the probable outcome when a different sample is exposed to the same conditions. Some of the methods here include statistical models and assumptions, estimation theory, hypothesis testing, decision theory, survey sampling, etc.

The above mentioned are more generalized topics which can further be broken down to the following specifics.

Linear programming Customer dynamics
Regression analysis Test and learn
Time-series analysis correlation
ANOVA Chi-square test
Statistical Plots Probability Distribution

We also handle business statistics assignments that require the use of statistical software packages. Some of the packages we work with include:

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