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Table Of Contents
  • What is MegaStat ?
  • What you can do with MegaStat
  • MegaStat topics covered by our Assignment service

What is MegaStat ?

MegaStat is a fully-featured Excel add-in that enables its users to perform statistical analysis on the Excel workbook. The add-in is available for windows and macOS. With MegaStat, statistics experts can carry out descriptive statistics analysis, hypothesis testing, probability calculations, and more.

What you can do with MegaStat

Some of the Key features of MegaStat include:

Auto-expand feature

This is a feature that makes the process of data selection easier and faster.

Creation of formatted excel sheets

After analysis, it is possible to create sheets that contain the analyzed data in the desired format.

Ease of detecting data labels

Data labels are easily identified in MegaStat and do not require human intervention.

MegaStat also contains various statistical tools that can be used to carry out different functions in statistical analysis. It, therefore, adds more functionality to Excel because most of what can be done with MegaStat cannot be achieved by the built-in Excel functions. Mentioned below are some of the tools that MegaStat is equipped with.

Regression analysis in Megastat

The step-wise selection tool is very important in carrying out regression analysis procedures.

Statistical analysis in Megastat

It contains time-series, Chi-square, Cross-tab, Non-parametric tests, and quality control process charts. All these are key tools in statistical analysis that can be added to Excel with MegaStat.

Descriptive analysis tools

These are tools that are used to perform descriptive statistical analysis procedures on the data. They can be used to generate summary statistical tables, graphs, normal curve plots, stemplots, leaf plots, etc. They can also be used to carry out calculations of measures of central tendency, variance, standard deviation, etc.

Probability Distribution

Probability calculations can also be undertaken by MegaStat. The probability distribution is an important means of data summarizing and visualizing data and with the help of MegaStat, both continuous and discrete probability distributions can be generated.

Hypothesis testing

Hypothesis testing is a solid method of data analysis in statistics. It provides a means of performing small-large sample tests. MegaStat makes it possible for statistics experts to easily carry out hypothesis testing on excel files.

Ease of determination of sample sizes and confidence intervals

With MegaStat, it is easy to perform calculations regarding sample sizes and finding intervals for both means and proportions.


MegaStat consists of one-factor ANOVA, two-factor ANOVA, and Randomized blocks ANOVA.

Random number generation

It is easy to generate random numbers in MegaStat based on uniform, normal, and exponential distributions.

MegaStat topics covered by our Assignment service

At Statistics Homework Helper, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a comprehensive service that will meet all their needs. This means we have experts who have specialized in the use of MegaStat as a whole and therefore we cover all topics that come under MegaStat. Some of these are listed below.

Frequency distribution ANOVA
Time-Series/Forecasting Regression analysis
Chi-square Hypothesis testing
Quality control process charts Descriptive statistics analysis
Random number generation Correlation
Fried-man tests Non-parametric tests
Signed Rank test Poisson Distribution