XLminer assignment help

Assignments involving the use of Xlminer (Analytic solver) have proved to be a great challenge for many students. For various reasons, students have found themselves in need of XLminer assignment help for them to get their assignments done successfully.

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What is XLminer

XLminer is an Excel add-in that extensively covers data mining in excel. Through this application, users can easily carry out tasks such as data preprocessing, visualization, data mining, evaluation, etc. For data mining, XLminer can perform common tasks of classification, clustering, linear regression, logistic regression, Bayes classification, K-nearest neighbors, discriminant analysis, association, etc.

XLminer provides a means of connecting to databases for data retrieval. Some of the common databases that work with XLminer include Microsoft Access, Oracle, and IBM. In addition to this, it also offers an easier way of data visualization with the help of linked charts which makes it easy to navigate from one chart to another.

Advantages and limits of XLminer

  1. XLminer supports a wide range of databases. You can, therefore, connect to and retrieve data from any many common databases. It also allows one to connect to other spreadsheets and obtain data from such.
  2. It contains many data handling utilities for cleaning your data by categorizing and handling missing values.
  3. With its powerful data visualization tools, users can present data in any format that suits them best. From simple bar, line and histogram charts to multiple linked charts. Users can also change the axes, colors, zooming, etc easily.
  4. It makes it easier to predict future values with its built-in time series analysis tools.
  5. With XLminer, you can partition your data into training, validation and test datasets.


  1. XLminer is limited to Microsoft Excel. You, therefore, cannot use it on other platforms like Linux or Mac OS.
  2. The XLminer education version which is primarily built for students and tutors has limited capabilities when it comes to data mining. The pro version, on the other hand, is expensive and can’t be afforded by many students.
  3. The amount of data that XLminer can handle is limited. This makes it unsuitable when dealing with massive data sets.

Why you need XLminer assignment help

Expensive nature of the software

As earlier mentioned, one of the biggest challenges many students face with XLminer is the inability to afford it. The educational version is limited in several ways and some assignments you encounter will require the use of the pro version.

For anyone, it won’t be reasonable to purchase the whole software just to solve one assignment. We, on the other hand, have both versions of XLminer on our systems. Therefore, getting your assignment done by us means we can use the version that will solve your assignment accurately.

The Complexity of the assignments and the software

XLminer is complex to use because it makes use of algorithms that many students don’t understand. This becomes more complicated if the assignment questions are challenging themselves. With our expertise, you will easily overcome these challenges because you will be delegating all the work to a professional.

To obtain top grades

Good grades are not easy to come by in XLminer assignments. These assignments are always challenging and sometimes even the bright students end up with below-average grades. If you are yearning for a good grade in your next XLminer assignment then getting professional help is the only way you can achieve it.

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To create time for other things

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XLminer topics handled by us

XLminer neural nets Association rules
Regression trees Data partitioning
Sampling Databases and file systems
Data transformation Text mining
Time series analysis Classification and prediction
Feature selection XLminer charts

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