Weka Assignment Help

Weka Assignment Help

Assignments involving the use of Weka have proved to be challenging for many students studying statistics. The complexity of the software is one major drawback these students face when it comes to solving their assignments. As a result, many end up performing poorly on assignments which translates into overall poor performance.

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What is Weka

Weka which stands for Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis is a machine learning software suite based on Java. The software was developed at the University of Waikato, New Zealand, which is also home to the Weka bird species.

Primarily, Weka is used to perform machine learning tasks on data by utilizing the various visualization tools and algorithms at its disposal. Some of the tasks which can be undertaken by weka include data preprocessing, clustering, classification, regression, visualization, feature-selection, etc.

Users can use this feature-rich software to their advantage in many ways. Some of the merits of using weka are:

  1. Portability across several systems – Being Java-based, weka can execute on any computer that runs Java code. Almost all computers today, irrespective of the operating system, have Java installed and therefore weka can run smoothly on any machine across all the major operating systems.
  2. Weka is freely available – Licensed under the GNU general public license, weka can be freely downloaded and used by anyone without having to pay for a subscription or purchase.
  3. Ease of use – Weka has a GUI which makes it more user-friendly compared to the CLI based tools.
  4. A wide variety of tools – Weka contains several tools that can be used for machine learning tasks. This makes it more efficient in carrying out these tasks.

The weka user interface

Weka has several features all of which can be accessed through the weka explorer. The explorer has several panels that provide access to the weka workbench tools. These panels are:

  1. The preprocess panel – Has facilities for importing and preprocessing data using the filtering algorithm. The algorithm transforms the data and makes it possible to delete instances and attributes according to specific criteria.
  2. The classify panel – Contains algorithms for classification and regression. These are important in estimating the accuracy of the resulting predictive model and visualization of erroneous predictions.
  3. The associate panel – This panel provides access to the algorithms that identify all-important interrelationships between attributes in the data.
  4. The cluster panel – Contains algorithms for data clustering. It also provides access to the expectation-maximization algorithm used on normal distributions.
  5. The select-attributed panel – Provides access to the algorithms that identify the most predictive attribute in a data set.
  6. The visualize panel – contains the scatter plot matrix where individual plots can be selected and further be analyzed.

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Topic covered by our experts

Weka regression tools NaiveBayes
Data clustering with weka Weka instances
DBSCAN Weka attributes
Ridor Preprocessing

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