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Assignments involving the use of PHStat for data analysis can be challenging and highly time-consuming. The application itself can also be very frustrating, especially if the user is a newbie. For graded assignments, handling challenging PHStat assignment problems is one thing many students would really like to avoid; mainly because of the poor performance they end up with.

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What is PHStat

PHStat is a computer application used together with Excel for statistical analysis. The software is an Excel add-on that can be used to analyze data on an Excel workbook. Mainly built for non-commercial purposes, its data analysis capabilities are more limited compared to other fully-featured packages like SPSS and SAS.

However, PHStat can adequately be used for many basic data analysis tasks. Some of these tasks include data preparation, decision-making, descriptive statistics, confidence intervals, probability distributions, sampling, regression and control charts.

How it works

A specific analysis in PHStat is carried out by feeding entries into a dialog box generated by the application. Once it takes the inputs, results are generated in new worksheets and chart sheets besides the data tab in the currently active workbook.

The Output of any PHStat analysis highlights the cells that contain significant values in a light yellow shade with boldface text. The input data is highlighted in a light blue color and the intermediate calculations are shown in plain text without any color shade.

Key features (advantages) of PHStat

PHStat has a few features that make it stand out above any other ordinary Excel add-ins used for data analysis. Just by highlighting the output cells in different colors, it makes it easier to visualize and find information.

In PHStat, once a particular analysis has been carried out and results have been obtained, you don’t have to go back to the PHStat menu and open up a new dialog box just to make new entries. You can simply edit the existing input values which have been highlighted in blue on the newly generated sheets. Once you edit the inputs and run the analysis, new result sheets will be generated instantly and you can compare the new output to the previously obtained output.

PHStat makes use of the normal Excel user interface which many students are already familiar with. It, therefore, boosts productivity whereby new users don’t have to spend much time trying to navigate through and find out how it works. Instead, it gives you more time to concentrate on carrying out the analyses.

The fact that PHStat self-generates worksheets save learners a great deal of time. You don’t have to spend time customizing any sheets from scratch just to feed in your results. It also helps students avoid the many mistakes that may arise in the process of developing these sheets from scratch.

The software can be installed on various versions of Excel on both Windows and Mac OS. The results can also be saved in numerous forms which means they can easily be ported and viewed from other devices; including smartphones.

PHStat topics we cover

Our PHStat assignment help service covers all statistics assignment topics that can be solved with PHStat. The table below is a brief layout of our coverage in PHStat.

Probability and Probability Distributions Utilities
Descriptive analyses (Mean, Median, Mode, Variance, Standard deviation, Range, percentiles, quartiles, etc) One-Sample Tests, Two-Sample Tests (Summarized and Unsummarized data), Multi-Sample Tests.
Regression analysis Control charts
Confidence intervals Sampling

This is just a partial list of our coverage of PHStat. Therefore, do not fret if you don’t see your assignments’ topics in the above but instead, feel free to inquire from us directly. Whatever the trouble you have, we are positive that we can solve it for you.

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