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  • Looking For Trustworthy PHStat Homework Help? Connect With Our Experts
  • Resolve Your Difficulties by Availing Help From Our PHStat Homework Help Service
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Looking For Trustworthy PHStat Homework Help? Connect With Our Experts

Is your PHStat homework giving you a hard time? We offer online PHStat homework help at an affordable price. Our tutors help students in completing their PHStat homework before the deadlines. We are committed to seeing you get top grades without having to dig deep into your pockets. By hiring a PHStat homework helper here, you will enjoy original work. We ensure that our quality control department thoroughly checks the solutions you get at each to ensure the right quality of work. Our step-by-step approach in completing these homework helps students understand the solutions faster and, therefore, even use them while revising their exams. We are available day and night, and thus you can reach out to us with your PHStat problem, and you will get the right solutions here.

PHStat is a software that is used with excel in exploring statistics. When using this software, it creates new worksheets aside from the information in the active workbook. PHStat is purposely developed for non-commercial purposes and therefore not used as a replacement for other statistical packages. The output of PHStat highlights specific cells that contain important values by a yellow shade.

Requirements of PHStat

  1. For you to use PHStat, you must have an updated Microsoft excel
  2. PHStat supports Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 versions
  3. You must note that you cannot use PHStat in the mobile version of excel
  4. In PHStat, a memory of 3MB is required as disk storage space for the files under it

Setting up and using PHStat

  1. Download the PHStat file packaged as a zip archive. The zip contains;
    • PHStat.xlam file
    • The actual add-in
    • PHStatHelp.pdf
    • PHStat help system published as a PDF file
    • PHStatHelp.chm
  2. Double-click the zip archive, expand and place the files in the same directory
  3. Use PHStat by double-clicking the folder listing for PHStat.xlam.
  4. If PHStat loads well, a menu will appear in the Add-Ins
  5. If PHStat fails troubleshoot it.

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Checking for PHStat solver Add-in in Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013

Click File Options. In the excel options dialog box;

  • Click Add-Ins on the left side
  • Verify that solver add-ins in listed on the active application add-ins
  • Click Cancel if the add-ins are already listed. If the ass-ins are not listed click the Active list available in the inactive application add-ins. Here select excel ass-ins and then click Go.
  • Click add-in in the add-ins available and then click okay.
  • If you do not see a solver add-in return to Microsoft office and set up the program to accommodate this add-in.

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