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Plotting commands

Graph vone vtwo, symbol ({vthr})This is a scatter plot of two variables with the values of a third variable used in place on points on the same graph. Vthr can contain numerical values such as male (“m”) and female (“f”).
scatter vone vtwoIt implies a scatter plot of 2 variables
graph box vnameThis means plotting a boxplot of a variable
graph matrix vone vtwo vthrIt is a matrix of scatter plots for three variables
qnorm vnameA normal quantile plot
graph box vone, over (vtwo)Plot side by side box for one variable by categories of another variable vtwo.

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General commands
  • Summarize (summ) – It means to compute means and standard deviations of variables
  • Correlate vone vtwo – This is a correlation between two variables
  • List – All variables and observations not recommended for large data sets
  • Sum vone – Getting more numerical summaries for one variable
  • Summarize vone vtwo vthr (summ vone vtwo vthr) – Computing means and standard deviations of select variables
  • List vone vtwo in -10/1 – Listing the last ten values for two variables
  • List vone vtwo in 1/10 – To list the first ten values for 2 variables

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Generating new variables

Random numbers
  1. Gen vn=uniform () – Generating n uniform random variables where there is an equal chance for all outcomes between 0 and 1.
  2. Set obs n – setting numbers of observation to n
  3. Gen vn=invnorm (uniform ()) – A normal data with a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1.
  4. Gen vn=1+int (6**uniform ()) – Generate n uniform random variables with an equal chance of all outcomes between 1 and 6.
  1. Generate case= _n – This is the generating of cases 1, 2, n, idots. It is useful when you are sorting data and then you want to restore the data to its original form.
  2. Gen vone-o – Generating values with all values as 0
  3. Gen vy = a+b * vx – This means multiply values in vx by b and add a, then store the results in vy.

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Regression commands

regress vy vxIt simply implies computing simple regression line where vy is the response and vx is the predictor.
regress vy vone vtwo vthrComputing of multiple regression equations where vy is the response, vtwo, vone and vthr are predictors.
graph residuals, yline(0)Produce residual plots with horizontal lines at 0
graph vy yhat vx, connect(.s) symbol(oi)Producing scatter plot with a regression line added
predict yhatComputing predictions and creating new variable yhat

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  • tabulate vn (tab vn) - Tabulate variable vn
  • Tab vone vtwo, column row cell – This is a cross tabulate two variables which includes options to produce column, cell, or row percents.
  • tab vone vtwo – Means cross tabulate two variables