Probability Assignment Help

Probability Assignment Help

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What is Probability

Probability is a measure of the likelihood of occurrence of an event. Put simply, probability quantifies the possibility of an event occurring on a scale, mainly of 0-1, where 0 indicates the impossibility of occurrence while 1 is certainty of occurrence.

Popular examples include coin tossing and dice rolling. Each time a coin is tossed, only two possible outcomes can be obtained; heads or tails. The probability of obtaining either of these is therefore 0.5 if the event is unbiased. For a dice, there are six probable events that may occur each time it is rolled which indicates the six faces of the dice.

More advanced probability includes studies of probability distribution which is a mathematical function that gives the probability of occurrence of different possible events in an experiment. Generally, probability distributions are classified into discrete and continuous. Discrete distributions are those with a set of discrete possible outcomes while continuous distribution covers a range of outcomes. Probability distributions can be further classified as into

  • Univariate distribution

Probability distribution with a one-dimensional sample space (all possible outcomes).

  • Multivariate

Probability distribution with a sample space which is a vector space of 2 or more dimensions.

  • Bernoulli distribution

A discrete distribution in which the probability of success indicated by 1 is p and that of failure indicated by 0 is q=1-p.

  • Binomial distribution

A distribution with only two possible outcomes obtained from independent experiments. All these outcomes are equiprobable mostly.

  • Poisson distribution

Describes a large number of individually unlikely events happening at a given interval of time.

  • Uniform distribution

This is a distribution where all the elements in a set are likely to occur with equal probability.

  • Poisson Binomial distribution

A binomial distribution in which the likelihood of occurrence of the events is not equiprobable.

Topics covered by our probability assignment help service

Probability as a field of study is very broad and there are many topics that can be categorized under it. Our experts are well versed with any topic you encounter in probability and when it comes to offering you outstanding assignment help in probability, the topics should be the least of your worries. There are, however, some topics that commonly arise whenever clients contact us for probability homework help which is worth mentioning. These are

Measures of central tendency Markovian probability
Bayesian probability Permutations and combinations
Probability Distributions Stochastic and Random processes
Credal set Urn problems
Prior and posterior probability Algebra of random variables
Independent events, mutually exclusive events, and non-mutually exclusive events. Probability density function and probability mass function problems.

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