Table Of Contents
  • What is JMP ?
  • Key features of JMP
  • Processes you can perform easily with JMP
  • Topics covered by our JMP assignment help service
  • Why you need JMP assignment help

What is JMP ?

JMP is a software package used for the analysis of statistical data. The software is mainly used in fields of business, engineering, scientific researches, and social sciences. Before JMP was developed, most of the statistical analysis software packages were CLI based and JMP was among the first GUI based software.

Originally running only on the apple mac OS, JMP has developed and today there is a Windows version of the same. As a software suite, JMP always comes in 5 main variations. These are:

  1. JMP
  2. JMP-Pro
  3. JMP Clinical
  4. JMP Genomics
  5. JMP Graph Builder App

Having been developed by the SAS Institute, there is a close relationship between JMP and the SAS statistical software package. JMP Genomics and JMP Clinical, for example, combine JMP with SAS software. The JMP Genomics, which is used to analyze Genomics data, requires a SAS component to operate. It can also access SAS/Genetics and SAS/STAT which are SAS procedures. The JMP clinical can also convert SAS code into JMP.

Some of the few differences between SAS and JMP are that JMP is only a desktop application while SAS can be installed and run on both desktops and servers.

JMP also has its own programming language which is the JMP scripting language. This is an interpreted language with a syntax that resembles that of the LISP programming language. JSL is mainly used to recreate analytic results and automation in JMP.

Key features of JMP

  • JMP can be used to build and refine graphs and tables with the help of the JMP Graph builder App and Tabulate tools.
  • JMP is not just oriented towards confirming your hypotheses. It is designed to help the user investigate and learn something new.
  • It can give various visual representations of data which makes it easy for users to explore the data from various perspectives.
  • It can be used as a graphical front-end for a SAS system that performs statistical analysis and tabulation.
  • It can be used to analyze unstructured text with techniques such as clustering.

Processes you can perform easily with JMP

  • Text mining
  • Cross-validation
  • General linear modeling
  • Neural network modeling
  • Classification
  • Mixed modeling

Topics covered by our JMP assignment help service

Basic data analysis

This encompasses the common statistical methods and techniques used in data analysis. These include Regression analysis, Distribution plots, Analysis of variance, clustering, classification, etc.

Data presentation and Visualization

We use JMP to construct statistical graphs and plots which give clear details of the results of your analysis. These include histograms, box plots, scatter plots, statistical tables, etc.

Scripting and automation

We make use of the JMP scripting language to automate tasks in the JMP software. We can also use JSL to interface JMP with SAS. This is possible with JMP clinical which can package SAS code within JSL and convert SAS code to JMP. JSL can also be used to execute code originating from other statistical analysis packages. These include MatLab, R, and SAS.

Apart from these, we also cover other subtopics that come under JMP. Such include

Control charts Profilers
Formula editors Data import and Export
Data tables Regression trees

Why you need JMP assignment help

The Complexity of the software

Despite being GUI-based, finding your way around this software can be very intriguing especially if you are a newbie. The JMP scripting language is also like a full-fledged programming language that requires expertise and practice of use. In addition, most of the functions require adequate experience to use effectively, something which many learners lack.

With such complexity, mistakes are always bound to occur and you will waste a lot of time trying to figure out the software instead of solving the assignment. If the assignment is being graded, you can’t afford to have mistakes on your solutions if you are eyeing the top grades.

Getting help from one of our experts can be very handy in such situations and with their expertise, you can easily achieve the grades you desire.

Tough assignment problems

Some of the assignment problems you encounter could be beyond your scope of knowledge and experience. On such occasions, getting professional help from our experts can go a long way into helping you achieve the grades you want.

When you seek JMP assignment help from us, you can be sure that your assignment will be handled by highly qualified professionals. These are experts with Masters degrees and PhDs in various fields of statistics and have used JMP at various professional capacities. Therefore, they are well versed with the software and have the answers to any problems you encounter.

Time pressure

As a student, you may be on a very tight schedule that you don’t have enough time to sit and solve your assignments. Apart from just working on academics, you need time to attend to your social life and other endeavors like a part-time job or a personal project.

With all this on your schedule, delegating the assignments to us can relieve you from a huge burden and create you more time to work on other projects.