Gretl assignment help

Gretl assignment help

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What is Gretl

Gretl is an open-source statistical software package for econometric analysis. Its name is the acronym of GNU Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library. The software was written in C and ever since its launch to the public, it has built its way up to becoming the most popular econometric analysis tool.

Features of Gretl

  1. Gretl is free, open-source software that can be redistributed and/or modified under the GNU General Public License as published by the free software foundation. This has made gretl a favorite of students and researchers.
  2. It has both a GUI and a CLI. Its GUI was developed by the GTK+ widget toolkit which is also based on C.
  3. Supports multiple languages apart from English. These include French, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, Albanian, Basque, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Romanian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, and Greek.
  4. It facilitates data exchange with other statistical technologies as well. Some of the software with which gretl can be used with include R, Stata, GNU Octave, Ox, Julia, and Python.
  5. Outputs data in form of LaTex files, tables, equations or plots. It also supports various data formats. These include ASCII, CSV, databanks, Eviews, Gnumeric, jMulTi, OpenDocument spreadsheets, PcGive, RATS 4, SAS Xport, Stata and SPSS files.
  6. It has its integrated scripting language known as hansl. Hansl is a domain-specific, interpreted language that features loops, user-defined functions, conditionals, and complex data structures.
  7. Uses Gnuplot to generate graphs.
  8. It supports machine learning techniques through LIBSVM.

Advantages of Gretl

  1. It is free and open-source. This means you won’t have to spend any money to acquire and use the software.
  2. Supports a wide range of file formats and can be used to analyze data imported from other statistical software.
  3. It has an intuitive and easy to use interface.
  4. Has several add-ons known as functional packages that add to its functionality?
  5. Supports a wide range of languages.

Topics covered by our Gretl assignment help service

Gretl can be used for any econometric analysis tasks and we cover all these applications. Tabulated below is a partial list of our gretl coverage.

Time-series methods (ARIMA, VARs, VECMs, Unit root test, cointegration test, Kalman filters, etc) Gretl plots
Estimation methods (Least squares, Maximum likelihood, GGM methods, etc.) Random Number Generation
Machine learning Hansl scripting
Parallelization Regression Analysis

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