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What are quantitative methods

Quantitative methods refer to the statistical, mathematical and computational techniques used in quantitative research. These methods focus on gathering numerical data, analyzing the data and using the outcome to explain a given phenomenon or characterizing the general population. They are also used to examine the relationship between variables with the primary goal being to represent those relationships numerically.

Quantitative methods of data collection include:

  1. Surveys
  2. Questionnaires
  3. polls

Once the numerical data has been collected, statistical methods (majorly descriptive methods) and computer software are used to generate mathematical models, hypotheses, and theories pertaining to the subject of research.

Characteristics of quantitative methods

  1. Data gathering is usually carried out with instruments that solicit numerically measurable characteristics of the population.
  2. The research methods can be repeated just to verify the reliability of the method. This reinforces the validity of the study.
  3. The data obtained through numerical methods is organized and presented in form of tables, graphs, or figures that show the relationship between variables. Textual forms of data presentation are always avoided.
  4. All aspects of the study are always laid out clearly before the actual study begins. Standardized, pre-tested instruments are always used to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the data collected.
  5. The results are based on data obtained from a large population which should give a good representation of the larger population.
  6. Quantitative models can be used to provide a wider perspective of the characteristics under investigation and be used to predict future outcomes.

Types of quantitative methods

Survey research

Survey research involves the use of questionnaires, interviews, and polls to obtain meticulous data. The information gathered can then be used to answer some of the already outlined hypotheses or come up with new hypotheses before data analysis begins.

Correlational research

This method helps the researcher establish the relationship that exists between variables. It gives a measure of how interdependent variables are and in most cases, it doesn’t give the precise cause of the relationship.

Cause-comparative research

Cause-comparative research is usually carried out to establish the cause and effect of a particular relationship between variables. It completes what the correlation-based research doesn’t cover.

Experimental research

This kind of research is always guided by a hypothesis. Once the researcher has outlined a hypothesis, they turn to experimental research to find out if the hypothesis stands or not.

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