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2 Online Tools that could be useful in writing statistics homework

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Statistics tasks are very challenging to many students. However, there are many tools that students can use to collect useful data for their statistics homework. In this article, we will look at 2 online tools that could be useful in writing statistics homework. These well-established platforms provide useful information to students, researchers, and other interested parties.

1. Statista

Statista is a successful statistics database providing data from business institutions, governments, opinions, and the market. This popular platform covers more than 80,000 Statista topics from more than 16,000 sources. Statista is categorized into more than 21 market sectors providing access to quantitative data on business, media, finance, markets, politics, etc. The main focus of this tool is the current statistics market and, therefore, does not deal with historical statistics. This tool's data sources include trade publications, market research, government databases, scientific journals, etc. The information provided in Statista is available in many friendly formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF/PND, which is why it is very useful in data analysis.

Benefits of Statista

1. Industry expertise

Statista is a market leader in providing reliable consumer data and reliable markets. It has a big team of established experts who ensure high-quality publications.

2. Relevant data

This tool only uploads relevant data that is useful to everyone studying statistics. The data in this platform is uploaded daily. Note that it covers more than 150 countries and uses different languages in an attempt to reach everyone.

3. Proven sources

More to the exclusive data you get from Statista, you get more information from 22500 sources and data partnerships. This tool's many partnerships ensure that all its visitors have valuable background information. 49% of the statistical information is generated internally, 16% of the information is from secondary sources, and 35% is from data partnerships.

4. Easy to search for information

Statista has integrated the best technology to ensure students have an easy time searching for information. It has intelligent search and lets people download files in different formats such as PDF, XLS, and PNG.

5. Security and data protection

This tool meets the highest level of security. All the payments to this platform are submitted through SSL encryption. Everything here is encrypted to ensure that there is no security breach. All the personal information collected during account opening and payment is not passed to third parties.

Special features of Statista

  • Offers statistics by topic
  • Industry reports
  • Country reports
  • Infographics, images, and charts
  • Ability to download charts in PowerPoint, PNG, Excel, PDF, or web pages.
  • You can grab a citation in Harvard, Chicago, MLA, and APA styles.
  • Many statistical terms

Setting a basic account in Statista

In Statista, there are different account types that one can create. These accounts are different in terms of the content that can be accessed there. Different accounts attract different payment plans. The entry-level account is the basic account. The basic account allows visitors to access basic statistics content. If you want to open the basic account, follow the process provided below;

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1. Fill in the registration form.

The first step is completing the registration form with your information. Fill correct information, and remember to register your university or corporate email address. This will enable you to download the basic statistics in the XLS format.

2. Account Activation

After you create the account, an activation email will be sent to your email. Click on the activation link to make your account active.

3. Add your details

Complete the stored data section to give them an easier time when uploading data that meets your interest.

2. Google Dataset Search

Google Dataset Search is a search engine helping researchers locate readily available data online. This product was launched in 2018, with the main targets being data experts and scientists. Over the years, datasets have become very important because they provide data that can be used in research-based, academic, educational, and government organizations. Google Dataset Search aims to make datasets more efficient and enable data from different parts of the world to be more accessible.

Starting up with Google Dataset Search

Using Google Dataset Search is very simple because it works the same as carrying out a regular search query. You are required to enter the terms you want to search and click the search button. It is easier to use than other platforms because it enables you to look for many exact search terms. If you want to search on sports statistics, you simply key in the sports league and the competition you want to see, and you will get all the data you need. This dataset is very effective because one does not have to pay.

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Google Dataset Search ranks data based on their importance to the key information you are looking for. In this case, SEO helps to get credible websites and data. It is therefore helpful to students, researchers, and specialists since there is no time wastage in collecting statistical data. Students with statistics homework can easily rely on this platform to collect all the important statistical information.

Google Dataset Search is an important tool because it gives people a more diverse way of searching for data on the internet.

Conditions provided by Google Dataset Search on what can be qualified as a Dataset

  • There must be a table that contains data
  • A collection of tables that are organized
  • A file containing data in a proprietary format
  • Collection of files in an organized form that can create a dataset.
  • Images capturing some form of data
  • Files that have neural network structure or Machine Learning trained parameters.
  • Any other content not provided in this list but looks like data can be considered.

The downside of Google Dataset Search

1. It does not search for words within the data sets. It only searches the tags.

This is not a serious problem but a limitation. When a researcher publishes the exact data you are looking for and fails to add tags, you will not get this data using the Google Dataset Search.

2. Google Dataset Search relies on the closed black-box system.

This tool does not have a public API. This means that one cannot know what is being indexed and what is not being indexed. When such happen, there can be bias. The fact that there is no public API means that there can be manipulated, and one cannot know who is manipulating what. Google says that it keeps its algorithms proprietary in order to protect its business model. This is only good when you don’t have to decide what matters and what does not.


Data tools are very important to statisticians and other researchers. They help everyone have access to data without struggling. This is especially helpful to students doing statistics homework. They can check data online and use it to carry out different analyses. In our case, we have looked at two major statistical tools. Both have numerous data sources. However, the distinction is that Statista has both paid and free versions while Google Dataset Search is totally free. Use both tools to obtain the data for your task.

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