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How to ask for an extension on statistics homework from your professor

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College life can sometimes be stressful, especially now that the pandemic still raging. Students have a lot on their plates. They have to create time for other activities besides writing assignments and attending classes. We all know that too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Bogging yourself down with responsibilities can cause you mental stress and leave you panicking about your looming homework deadline. Instead of rushing your homework and trying to get everything done at the last minute, you could ask for a deadline extension from your professor.

Extensions can help ease your stat homework workload and relieve mental stress. Asking for one is necessary if you are in a time crunch but still want to perform at your absolute best. An extension can come in handy if you are overwhelmed by your homework or don't just feel your best. You might ask yourself, how do I bite the bullet and send that dreaded email to my professor? Or what good excuse can I give when asking for my stat homework extension? You do not have to worry because this article has got you covered. Here is how to ask for a homework deadline extension. We have also included an example of an extension request for students who need more help with wording their emails.

When can I ask for a statistics homework extension?

Completing a complicated stat homework correctly and submitting the solution on time can be nerve-racking. In such cases, asking for an extension is never a bad idea. Statistics major is a vast course that encompasses several units. You might have to write multiple academic tasks with clashing deadlines. According to Shawn Kidea, an assistant professor at Rider University, students can ask for a deadline extension if they want to improve their solution or add a few elements to their project. He says, "If my student makes it clear that they need more time to improve their project or cannot capture an element within the allotted time, I'll usually give an extension."

In addition, you can also ask for an extension if the homework instructions are unclear or you do not have access to sufficient materials needed to complete the work. These issues sometimes affect the whole class. So, alerting your professor of these concerns is the best way to go. Jason Method, one of the statistics instructors at Rider University, says, "I will offer an extension if the deadline is unrealistic or believe that the homework instructions were not clear. Hardworking and studious students usually find it easy when asking for an extension. Mr. Method also says he will be inclined to listen to an extension request from a student doing well in class.

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It would be best if you never waited until the eleventh hour to ask for an extension. Leaving your homework until the last minute will not leave a good impression on your professor. Barry Jones, a professor at Rider University, says, "I never grant last-minute extension requests. Asking for an extension earlier means the homework is on your mind, and the issues you have seem more legitimate." You should ask for an extension as soon as possible if you realize you need more time to complete your homework. Remember to explain to your instructor what an extension could help you accomplish. While it may seem that you are failing in your responsibilities, asking for more time in a mature way may just force your professor to listen.

How do I ask for an extension?

Most students who need an extension struggle with what to say. The best way to request additional time to complete your homework is to email your professor. Your best bet would be to explain why you are requesting an extension and what you will do with the additional time. Also, propose a new deadline and be as polite as possible. Do not try to make your reason attractive. Be short and sweet.

Are you still not sure what to write down? Here is an example of a perfect extension request:

Dear Instructor

I have been having a hard time finding the right data for my test normality SPSS assignment. I could really use some more time to conduct extensive research and find the best data. Would it be possible to have a two days extension? I will turn in the work first thing Tuesday morning. Please let me know if we could meet during your office hours to discuss the status of my homework.


(write your name here)

What happens if I don’t get an extension?

Most professors are not rigid and understand students have lives outside the classroom, but what happens if your professor says no? The first thing you would want to do is check on the late submission penalty. It will help you decide if you should rush to meet your deadline or turn in the paper late. It would be best if you never were tempted to plagiarize. It would add more problems to the ones you already have. It would help if you always strived to turn in the best version of your paper. Planning ahead could also give you an advantage in such situations. You could create time to write the paper by rearranging your schedule. If you have multiple homework to write, you can ask for an extension in other classes where the professors are not that strict.


Requesting an extension can be intimidating, but it is a whole lot better than losing marks because of late submission. Most students always ask for an extension because the deadline for other activities overlaps with the due date of their homework. It would be best if you never hinted you are asking for an extension because you ran out of time. Show your commitment to the homework by attaching a draft of what you have done. You should always stay engaged in class and try as much as possible to meet all deadlines. If an emergency comes up, do not wait until the last moment. Explain to your professor the situation and how much time you need. The worst response they can give is a no. Requesting for an extension is worth a try

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