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10 points to check before selecting a legit statistics homework help service

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Most students have a lot of activities to manage, including part-time jobs. Even with these activities, they are expected to deliver their statistics homework on time, or they risk retakes. This is why most students opt to hire statistics homework helpers for assistance. Getting a team that can deliver solutions to your statistics homework is not a challenge because many websites on the internet offer this service. However, you must be careful when selecting these platforms because not all are genuine. To ensure that you are in safe hands, we have compiled a list of the 10 points to check before selecting a legit statistics homework help service.

1. Check their prices

When looking for statistics homework help providers, it is essential to check how much they charge for their services. You need a service that is within your budget. High prices do not mean that your homework will be done excellently. Many low-budget websites offer excellent solutions to students. Do not stretch yourself beyond your means. Also, work with websites with binding contracts so that you can be refunded if your homework is not delivered as per the contract. Ensure that you work with websites that have a money-back guarantee.

2. Consider time management

All tasks have strict deadlines, and submitting your assignment late can affect your overall grade or even lead to a retake. Therefore, you need to work with a platform that guarantees the timely delivery of your solutions. It doesn’t matter whether the homework is urgent or not. If someone accepts to complete a task within 5 hours, they should be able to deliver within that time and not give excuses. The easiest way to check whether a team can beat its deadlines is by going through its reviews. Students express their displeasure or satisfaction through reviews. Therefore, if you see many students complaining about late deliveries, that is a red flag, and you need to search for another option.

3. Check their online reputation.

Before hiring a statistics team to do your homework, ensure that you check their reputation. It is important to know their history in the field and what they do best. Seek recommendations or go through their reviews. Reputation cuts across all sections, including turnaround time, prices, revisions, etc. When checking online, reputation can be checked internally or externally. Clients can leave their views about a particular service on the website or on external reviewing platforms like Trustpilot. Therefore, ensure that you gather enough information about what others think about the website you intend to hire.

4. Their availability

You need to hire people you can communicate with all the time. This means that you need a team that is available 24/7. If the experts of the website you intend to hire are unavailable day and night, it would be hard to rely on them for urgent tasks. If you need to know the progress of your homework, they should be able to respond immediately. This also covers the customer care team. They should be available for support at all times. If anything is not clear, you should be able to get timely answers. Therefore, availability is key to checking when looking for professionals to work on your statistics homework.

5. Check their experts' qualifications.

Different students seek assistance at different levels of study. Some seek help with their undergraduate homework, while others want postgraduate help. If you are doing a Ph.D. in statistics, you do not expect your homework to be done by an undergraduate. Therefore, ensure that you know the level of education of the expert who will work on your task before hiring. The higher the level of education and experience, the better the chances of scoring better grades. It can also be a major plus if the expert is from your country because they would understand the curriculum better. However, most curriculums are similar and, therefore, focus on getting the highest educated professional if possible.

6. Check their samples

Samples are critical in knowing the quality of solutions each team delivers. Therefore, before hiring a team, ask for samples. You can even narrow down the sample to the specific topic your statistics homework is on. If your homework is on quantitative analysis, ask for a sample on the same. This should also apply to statistical software such as STATA. If possible, you can give them a test question to see how they will answer it. If a team cannot provide samples, look for a team that can. You should not gamble with your homework. Work with a team that can meet all your requirements.

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7. Privacy of information

In this digital era, personal information has become very critical. Therefore, it is important to know every platform's privacy policy before hiring them. If a website does not have a privacy policy, try to avoid it as much as possible. Moreover, before hiring anyone, ensure that you understand their privacy policy. If anything is not clear, seek clarification from them. Work with a team that does not share personal information with third parties. You need to know that you will be asked to share personal information on all platforms to help in completing and sending your solution. Therefore, you need a team that treats your personal information with the seriousness it requires. They should have a strong security system to minimize the chances of security breaches or hacking that could lead to information loss.

8. Provision of extra services

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Many services go hand in hand with the statistics homework help service. Some of them include revisions, proofreading, and provision of plagiarism reports. These are very critical; therefore, you need a team that can offer them all. If you need a plagiarism report, they should be able to send it without any questions. They should also not charge for revisions. Revisions should be provided until you are satisfied with the work. Lastly, they should proofread all the tasks before submitting the final solution.

9. Whether there is direct contact with the writer

Having direct contact with the writer handling your homework is essential because it helps you have an easy time when explaining the requirements of your homework. What is more, if anything needs to be changed, you can inform the writer directly other than going through many people. Direct writers save time and energy. Therefore, if a website can allow you to communicate with its writers directly, that is a major plus, and you should consider such a website.

10. Check the services offered.

You should only work with a platform that offers the exact service you are looking for. The easiest way to know the services offered by a particular website is by going through its homepage. If a website has not listed statistics among the services offered, avoid such a website no matter how convincing. You aim to score the best statistics grades; therefore, you need to work with professionals who have specialized in this field.


Statistics is very challenging to many students, and that is why they seek assistance from professionals. We have highlighted the different things to check when hiring experts. All the factors listed above are important when looking for professionals. Therefore, consider them when you are looking for statistics homework help services.

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