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Get Our Online Econometrics Tutor’s Help in Harvard Referencing

Econometrics can be termed as the application of statistical approaches to economic data to give empirical output to financial relationships. As a statistics student, having a clear understanding of this unit, is so essential, bearing in mind that the knowledge acquired, is widely applied in the outside world. Finding any hard times with your coursework? Relax, we got you covered. You can seek online econometrics tutor help from our platform; Statistics Homework Helper.

Getting your homework in shape is one crucial factor, to consider looking at. By this, we mean, incorporating the instructed writing styles, referencing techniques, and generally following each instruction given accordingly. To score all the 12 points in your homework, you need to leave nothing to chance. With all the competition existing in today’s education system, if need be, it is always advised to seek econometrics help online, to maximize your scores. Are you wondering where to get such help? Put your worries aside; we are here for you.

Often, students find challenges using Harvard referencing style due to its complexity. Our Singapore econometrics homework help team has highlighted some of the basic rules to apply in this referencing technique.

“How do I cite the referred sources in Harvard referencing?” basically, there are two types of citation commonly used. These are;

In-Text Citation: usually used when paraphrasing or quoting a source. It is declared at the bottom of the page, containing the fragment of the full citation.

Reference List: Located on the last page of your paper, including the names of the preferred sources.

Our online econometrics tutors always advocate for the inclusion of the following elements, to bring our your reference list, appropriately.

  • Name of the Writer/Author.
  • Year of publication.
  • Title.
  • Publisher.
  • Referred Pages.

The above five elements must be used at all times while referencing in the Harvard technique. Generally, the format that is to be used is;

Last name, Initial name, Year of publication, Title, Publisher, and finally, page no.

The referencing must be done in alphabetic order, by writer/author’s name. Take note, if there are several sources, bearing the name of the same writer, then it must be according to the year or date of publication, either in descending or ascending order.

There are further rules, which you can easily get direct access to from our Singapore econometrics homework help experts, at any time. All you got to do is, take a step, and talk to us via live chat, or even by email at info@statisticshomeworkhelper.com.

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