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Statistical Sampling Homework Solutions

Find accurate statistical sampling homework solutions based on the identification of various statistical terms from given cases below. We answered all questions correctly to come up with a 100% accurate answer.

Identifying samples, populations, parameters, and statistics in various cases

Below are various statistical study cases for which we identified various parameters as instructed by the examiner. Each question is correctly answered. Samples, populations, statistics, parameters, inferential statistics, and descriptive statistics are identified. You can use the solutions to learn the underlying concepts because they're all straightforward. 

Identifying Samples and Populations

A national magazine wishes to determine America's favorite celebrities. A ballot is included in the November issue of the magazine. Readers are encouraged to mail in their ballots.

Population: Magazine for American’s favorite celebrities

Sample: November issue of the Magazine

A professor seeks to collect data based on the involvement of parents in early education for students of a given Ivy League university. He gets a list of students from the office of the registrar and chooses 300 students by random sampling to study.

Population: Parental involvement in every education for students attending a particular Ivy game

Sample: 300 students from the registrar’s office

A large discount store wants to determine the average income of its shoppers. A researcher chooses 100 shoppers at random between the hours of 1 and 5 p.m. on Thursday.

Population: Average income of the shopper

Sample: 100 shoppers between 1 and 5 pm

A hotel chain is planning to put up a new facility. Its Board of directors finds a list of the best 100 vacation destinations in the United States and pays a visit to 20 of them to determine their feasibility as their proposed new hotel's location.

Population: 100 vacation spots in America

Sample: 20 cities of vacation spots

Determining the Parameters and Statistics

The Energy Bolt soda manufacturer seeks to test for quality control. It determines that 99.97%of soda cans they produce meet their preferred quality standard.


A large real estate firm wants to know the average price per square foot for condominiums in Hawaii Kai. Based on real estate records for all condominiums in Hawaii Kai, the firm determines that condominiums in Hawaii Kai sell for approximately $650 per square foot.


A horticulturist seeks to see the efficiency of a new fertilizer with regard to producing significantly taller plants than those grown using traditional fertilizers. He has a greenhouse with 520 plants treated with the new fertilizer. Out of 60 plants measured, the farmer realizes an average height of 22.9inches.


For a news special, a reporter wishes to determine what percentage of adults in her viewing area are overweight. A random sample of 1067 adults from the area was chosen for the study. 40% of adults sampled are found to be overweight.


Distinguishing Between Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

1.80% of the employees from a small local company attended the annual company picnic


Based on information from a recent survey, researchers estimate that the average American will spend $751 on gifts this Christmas.


The average age of entering freshmen at the Hawaii Pacific University is 20 years old, based on information from the registrar's office.


The average number of hours vacationers spend in national parks during the summer months is 4.5 hours, based on a survey of 1000 visitors in various national parks.