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Statistical Estimation Assignment Solutions

We have posted the following statistical estimation assignment solutions to educate and help you realize how proficient we are in answering statistics questions. Go through them and discover our level of competence as well as learn various concepts on estimating population parameters using samples. 

Likelihood Ratios and Statistical Tests

In the first question, we make valid conclusions on the given likelihood ratio tests. The question that follows involves using a sample size to estimate parameters like the mean, standard deviation, and the standard error of the mean. What's more, we find the confidence interval of the mean and recommends a sample size suitable for finding the mean value under given conditions

Likelihood Ratios 

Q4.1 The following table shows the Likelihood ratio for test positive and likelihood ratio for test negative of 3 biomarkers to diagnose Disease A. Answer the following question.

Likelihood Ratio

TestTest PositiveTest Negative
Biomarker 12.40.3
Biomarker 25.70.6
Biomarker 31.070.9

    (i) Which test/biomarker would be the best to rule in Disease A?

    Biomarker 2

    (ii) Which test/biomarker would be the best to rule out Disease A?

    Biomarker 1

    (iii) Which test/biomarker is the least useful test for both rulings in and ruling out disease A?

    Biomarker 3

    Statistical Estimation Using Tests 

    Q5.1 You would like to estimate the birth weight and rate of low birth weight(<2.500kg) of Chinese male babies in Hong Kong. Worksheet A provides the birthweight of boys delivered in Hospital A in Hong Kong. Provide answers for the following. Give answers to 3 decimal places.

      (i) What is the sample size?

      The sample size is 200

      (ii) What is the mean and its standard deviation?

      The mean is 3.077 and the standard deviation is 0.467

      (iii) Standard Error of the mean

      The standard error of the mean is 0.033

      (iv) Margin of error for the mean at the 95% confidence level

      Margin of error = 1.96 * 0.467/√200

                                   = 1.96 * 0.033

                              = 0.065

      (v) 95% confidence interval of the mean

      95% C.I for mean

      = (3.077 – 0.065, 3.077+0.065)

      = (3.012, 3.142)

      (vi) What is the sample size required in a survey to assess the mean value with an error at half of the current error?

      The sample size is based on confidence level, the larger the required confidence level, the higher the sample size.