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SPSS homework solution

This solution is based on SPSS on lung cancer deaths as a result of either age or smoking. We have used both a histogram and bar graph to state the number of deaths.

Analyzing the number of lung cancer deaths

Here we will indicate the variable data types, create frequency tables and come up with tables to show the level of deaths as a result of lung cancer.


The dataset you are using for this assignment has information on lung cancer deaths by age and smoking status (BST571_GradedAssignment1_Data). The data is already an SPSS dataset, so just double-click on the data, and it will open in SPSS.

Codebook for the data:

IDID Variable
agegrpAge Groups: 1 = 40 – 49 years, 2 = 50 – 59 years, 3 = 60 – 69 years, 4 = 70+ years
smokingSmoking Status: 0 = Does Not Smoke, 1 = Smokes Cigars, Pipes, or Cigarettes
popPopulation – In Hundred Thousands
deathsNumber of Lung Cancer Deaths in a Year

1. Fill out the table below, indicating the variable type for each variable in the dataset (nominal, ordinal, or numerical):


2. Use SPSS to create frequency tables of agegrp and smoking. From the frequency tables, answer the following:

a. What percentage of patients were aged 60 – 69 years old?

Ans: 36.11%

b. What percentage of patients smoke?

Ans: 25%

c. How many patients are 70 years old or older?

Ans: 19.44%

3. Use SPSS to create descriptive tables of pop and deaths. From the descriptive tables, answer the following:

a. What are the mean and standard deviation for pop?

Ans: Mean = 1558.9444

SD = 1562.23217

b. What are the mean and standard deviation for deaths?

Ans: Mean = 253.6111

SD = 262.5975

c. What is the largest deaths value?

Ans: 1001

4. Create a histogram of deaths. Copy and paste the histogram below:


Histogram 1

5. Create a bar graph of agegrp. Copy and paste the bar graph below:


Histogram 2