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Data Analysis Assignment Solutions

Pore over these correct data analysis homework solutions and see how accurate we are in answering students’ questions online. There are both multiple-choice and open-ended questions answered. The score for this assignment was 100%. 

Finding the measures of central tendencies and defining the characteristics of a data information system

Below, we calculated the mean, median, minimum, and maximum values for a small set of data. We then defined the median and explained the various characteristics of a data information system. Later, we defined what is meant by a data collection plan and highlighted the main pros and cons of manual and computerized data management systems.

The ages for a sample of 5 respondents are 38, 59, 24, 25, and 20. Determine the following measures of central tendency and variability for age (report your answers to one decimal place):

data analysis 1

Defining Median

_____________median __________ is a measure of how closely a variable's values cluster around a measure of central tendency.

data analysis 2

Defining the characteristics of a data information system 

Question 8

A data information system _________________. (Select all that apply.)

data analysis 3

Designing a Data Collection Plan

You are completing your internship at FrontLine Support Services (FLSS), a behavioral healthcare company specializing in intensive outpatient services for adolescents suffering from mental health and/or substance use disorders. You have been tasked with developing a data collection plan.

In your own words, list and describe the three sets of needs you must take into account when developing this data collection plan. Provide examples to illustrate your point.


For data collection plan 1st I will think about the questioner and what questions should be asked. 2nd set will select the area or location where data is available. 3rd set will be how data will be measured.

Explaining the Pros and Cons of Manual and Computerized Data Management

What are the strengths and limitations of managing data manually versus managing data with computers?


 Strengths of managing data manually

  • The manual data will be accurate
  • Keeping records by hand makes you have control over the categories of each individual number that is placed in. If your business cannot have sales or trends tracked in an automated way, you might need to track by hand.
  • Manual data entry does not require expensive systems, machines, and programs.

Limitation of managing data manually

  • High labor cost
  • Low speed and time consumptions
  • A chance of human error mistake

Strengths of managing data with computers

  • Improved data sharing. ...
  • Improved data security. ...
  • Better data integration

Limitation of managing data with computer

  • Need high-quality software and hardware