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Correlation with Statistics Assignment Solution

Pearson and Spearman correlation

HW # 3

5. You should use a ______ correlation when one or more of the variables are measured on an ordinal scale.

a. Pearson

b. Spearman

c. Point biserial

d. Any of these are appropriate.

Answer: b. Spearman

10. A statistics instructor required students to complete homework assignments prior to their taking an online statistics exam. After the students took the exam, he wanted to create a regression equation using students' total homework points to predict their scores on the exam. The SPSS output is below, what is the regression equation for this prediction?

spss output

a. Y = .06 (X) + 4.21

b. Y = .727 (X) + 28.14

c. Y = .782 (X) + 28.14

d. Y = .727 (X) + 4.21

Answer: b. Y = .727 (X) + 28.14

12. In regression, the predictive contribution of each independent variable is represented by ______.

a. the partial slope

b. a β coefficient

c. the regression plane

d. a path coefficient

Answer: a. the partial slope

30. Which of these scatterplots is most likely to result in the regression equation Y′ = 2.25 – .45(X)?

Correlation 1

Correlation 2

Correlation 3

Correlation 4

a. Figure A

b. Figure B

c. Figure C

d. Figure D

Answer: b. Figure B


Q 5

Spearman’s correlation coefficient is a measure to calculate the correlation between two Ordinal variables.

Q 10

Coefficients are given in 3rd table “coefficients” under the heading unstandardized coefficients

Q 12

Each partial coefficient gives the contribution of an independent variable in multiple regression.

Q 30

In the first figure, the trend is increasing but the β coefficient is negative i.e. -0.45, but in the second figure the trend is decreasing which matches the requirement. Figure C represent increasing and decreasing trend both and Figure D is showing no trend at all.