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SAS is the acronym of the Statistical Analysis System. It is a programming software package that was developed for advanced data management, predictive analysis, and business intelligence. SAS is widely used because it is efficient when it comes to performing statistical analysis on data obtained from a variety of sources.

Our team of experts is made up of competent statisticians who set a unique benchmark for our SAS homework help service. They are specialized in the following:

  • They are familiar with and possess extensive knowledge of the basics and advanced concepts of SAS
  • Our experts are adept programmers who are well-versed with data mining and warehousing which is the core of data management
  • Our SAS homework solvers are knowledgeable on the SAS enterprise miner paradigms such as series forecasting neural networks, neural network forecasting, and cluster analysis
  • Our experts are highly experienced in the use of sophisticated statistical software like SPSS, STAT, and SAS. They can easily use the software to evaluate and analyze descriptive data, edit and execute SAS codes and retrieving and saving SAS codes
  • They can effectively implement ANOVA, both one-sample and two-sample t-tests along with their applications.

Components of The SAS Software

The SAS software suite boasts of more than 200 components. Our SAS homework help experts highlight the following as the chief components of SAS:

  • Base SAS -This component supports the basic analytical concepts and procedures of data management.
  • SAS/OR – Deals with SAS operational research
  • SAS/STAT – provides all the details of statistical analysis
  • SAS/QC – Deals with quality control
  • SAS/IML – Used in the implementation of the features of interactive matrix language
  • SAS/ETS – supports time series analysis and econometrics
  • SAS/AF – Handles the SAS generated applications facility
  • SAS/GRAPH – supports statistical graphs presentation
  • SAS/PH – Provides users with exceptional trial evaluation

Benefits of Using SAS

  • Proven and Validated Algorithms – SAS is very popular because of its ability to deliver superior results. This software tool has been in the statistical analysis domain for more than 4 decades. Users are assured of effectively documented and competent codes that meet governmental and corporate standards.
  • Integrated Model – SAS has all the functions that users can use to access, manage, and process data as per their needs. The SAS/STAT function can readily be used to build statistical paradigms and evaluate results using a variety of integrated graphs.
  • Supports the latest statistical techniques – Through an accelerated schedule of release, the SAS/STAT keeps abreast of the current and new trends in the ever-expanding field of statistics. Some of the latest techniques available in SAS include high-performance modeling tools used in the analysis of large data, modern tools of analysis that evaluate data with missing values, and statistical tools for small data sets.

At Statistics Homework Helper, we make learning SAS interesting. Our professional experts use a detailed approach to help students understand all the procedures of their homework. They pay great attention and focus on the specifications of the homework the craft. We can handle any problem associated with SAS. Get in touch with us today and get a glimpse of what you have been missing.

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