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Instant Help with Analysis of Variance Assignment

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Analysis of Variance Assignment 

Analysis of Variance Assignment

Running ANOVA for Three Treatment Conditions

You are investigating the effects of three different treatment conditions on depressive symptomatology as measured by the Quick Inventory of Depression Scale (QIDS). Using the dataset from assignment #4 (assignment 4 t test data), run an ANOVA with the three treatment conditions (placebo, SSRI, and CBT) as the Factor (or independent variable) and QIDS Post as the dependent variable.

2. State the null hypothesis for this test:

3. What is the value for SSbetween?

4. What is the value for SSwithin

5. What is the value for dfbetween?

6. What is the value for dfwithin?

7. What is the F-ratio value?

8. According to the output, is there a significant difference between groups?

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