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Statistical Exploration of Customer Perceptions about Adidas Brand Attributes through Factor Analysis

The aim is to uncover latent dimensions within the attributes associated with Adidas and provide insights that can inform marketing and product development strategies. We explore how customers view the brand's innovative, stylish, and performance-related qualities and examine if any traditional or old-fashioned aspects are associated with Adidas. Let's take a closer look at the results and characterizations of the identified factors.

Problem Description

In this factor analysis, we delve into customer perceptions of the Adidas brand by conducting a factor analysis with Varimax rotation. The athletic shoe survey dataset contains a set of attributes about Adidas, and the objective is to identify any underlying dimensions across these statements. The aim is to create composite scores that can be used in other analyses. To achieve this, a factor analysis with Varimax rotation is conducted to determine if any latent factors emerge. The factor analysis helps us understand the relationships and dependencies among the various attributes related to Adidas.

Data: Agreement on a 1 – 7 scale about Adidas as a brand:
  1. Is innovative
  2. Is old-fashioned
  3. Has the best styles
  4. Is conservative
  5. Is a quality brand
  6. Is a brand that will be around for a long time
  7. Is young and hip
  8. Is a high-performance brand
  9. Is a brand for serious sports
  10. Is a fashionable brand
  11. Is a casual brand

Corresponding variables in dataset to use:

  1. Adidas_Innovative
  2. Adidas_oldfashioned
  3. Adidas_beststyles
  4. Adidas_conservative
  5. Adidas_qualitybrand
  6. Adidas_longevity
  7. Adidas_younghip
  8. Adidas_highperformance
  9. Adidas_serioussports
  10. Adidas_fashionable
  11. Adidas_casual


  • How many factors are identified in the rotated solution?

In the rotated solution, three components (factors) have been identified.

  • Rotated Factor Solution Table:

Rotated Component Matrix:

Statement Component 1 Component 2 Component 3
Adidas_Innovative 0.788 0.348 -0.151
Adidas_oldfashioned -0.135 -0.026 0.791
Adidas_beststyles 0.799 0.215 0.104
Adidas_conservative 0.242 0.106 0.731
Adidas_qualitybrand 0.646 0.506 0.215
Adidas_longevity 0.576 0.470 0.070
Adidas_younghip 0.861 0.221 -0.016
Adidas_highperformance 0.289 0.849 -0.016
Adidas_serioussports 0.116 0.921 0.024
Adidas_fashionable 0.810 0.133 0.070
Adidas_casual 0.601 -0.098 0.418
  • The table highlights which factor each statement loads on.
  • No statements have unclear loadings.

Discussion on Characterizing Factors:

In the Varimax rotated matrix, we can observe the following:

  • Factor 1: This factor is characterized by high loadings of items 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, and 11. It appears to represent attributes related to the stylish, innovative, and youthful aspects of the Adidas brand. Customers seem to associate Adidas with being young, hip, fashionable, and having the best styles.
  • Factor 2: Items 8 and 9 load highly on Factor 2. This factor seems to represent attributes related to high performance and suitability for serious sports. Customers view Adidas as a brand associated with performance and sportiness.
  • Factor 3: Items 2 and 4 load highly on Factor 3. This factor seems to represent conservative and old-fashioned attributes, suggesting that some customers perceive Adidas as a brand with traditional and old-fashioned qualities.

By characterizing these factors, we gain a deeper understanding of how customers perceive different aspects of the Adidas brand, which can be valuable for marketing and product development strategies.