STATA Experts

Nathan L
PhD Political Science, BSc History, University of Maryland, USA
Spatial and Quantitative Analysis Professional
I am an experienced researcher and statisticalanalyst. My area of specialization is spatial analysis and statistical research and I use these techniques while working on various publications. I am deeply familiar with various statistical tools and methods.

I have worked on over 4 projects primarily using ArcGIS, GeoDa, and R to do the analysis. I have also used statistical tools like Mathematica, Stata, SPSS, for specialized projects. I have exceled in 90% of my projects and helped many of my colleagues who werestuck with projects in my field of study.  I am looking forward to learning about your project and providing assistance in whichever way I can.

Nazezhda G
Education: MS c in Business analytics, B.A. in Economics and Mathematics, Central European University
Statistical Data analyst
I am an expert in data analysis. With 5 years of experience, I have worked in various projects involving scorecard creation, model development, data processing and analysis. In econometrics, I have seen through a successful completion of various tasks dealing with basic and advanced time series, microeconomics, macroeconomics, as well as mathematical statistics. I have extensive knowledge on various statistical tools and software including R, Stata, Matlab, SQL, SAS, and WPS.

Charlestine Bob E
Education: PhD in Demography, University of Witwatersrand
Senior Statistical Data analyst
I am a highly experienced demographer who uses statistical tools to analyze data. I also have expertise in report writing especially in scholarly projects involving analysis of nutritional status and infant and child mortality using anthropometric measures. I am also able to monitor, evaluate and generate data that can be useful in the implementation of projects.

I have a PhD in Demography and am currently working on my PhD thesis. For the past 12 years, I have been lecturing in various colleges and universities and presented research papers in a wide variety of local and international forums.

Neal B
Education: MSc in Economics, University of Oxford, BSc in Economics, Colgate University
Statistical Data, Geospatial Data, and Big Data Analyst
I have MSc in Economics for Development from the University of Oxford.  I was given an award for “Top Dissertation of the Year” for doing exclusive work on evaluating data regarding the impact of cell signal and its development.

I am an expert in Stata, R, Java, and Python. Some of the projects I have completed in that past years include:

  • Supercomputing and big data analysis
  • Clusters and virtual machines
  • Running parallel R processes
  • Launching custom clusters
  • Regressions and parallelization
  • Interactive data dashboards
  • Creating clusters in AWS and Google Cloud
  • Geocoding coordinates and names
  • Mapping, geocoding, calculating
  • Mapping location data
  • Location optimization and more

Leonardo David
Education: BSc in Economics, University of Zulia
Econometrics and Macroeconomics Consultan
I am a professionaleconomist with over 5 years of experience in this field. Having worked on various projects involving R, Stata, panel data and time series, I have obtained vast econometrics skills, which have enabled me to deliver quality projects. I am also pretty familiar with macroeconomics research and have completed projects for scholars and business.

Mark H
Education: PhD in Epidemiology, University of Washington, MSc in Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Denver, BSc  in molecular biology, University of Pennsylvania
Scientific Writer, Epidemiologist, Statistical Analyst
I am a statistician and epidemiologist with vast experience in writing reports, collecting data and performing analysis. I also write and edit scientific reviews. I would be thrilled to work with you and provide assistance when and where needed. Whether you are having trouble collecting or organizing data, designing a research study, performing data analyses, coming up with the best results, ordrafting the final manuscript, I can help with that or any other problem related to statistical and scientific data analysis.

Marcelo T
Education: PhD in Philosophy, University of Amsterdam
Scientific Programmer
I am a certified scientific programmer. With over 16 years of experience in the same, I have gained vast knowledge and skills on data analysis and scientific programming in Access, Excel, VBA, Matlab, Python, R, and GIS. As an experienced quantitative researcher and consultant,  I have provided assistance and guidance on projects related to behavioral economics, environment economics, public sector, government institutions, non-profit organizations, and more. I have vast skills in mathematical and economic modeling, econometric analysis and management, optimization problems, analysis of large and small datasets and surveys.

I have also provided assistance to individual scientific researchers and organizations. Some of the areas in which I have been consulted for guidance include econometric modeling and analysis, scientific programming (Python, R, and Stata), Optimization, Kalman Filter implementation, as well as creating models in Matlab.

Christian K
Education: M.A. in Economics, Kyiv School of Economics.
Statistical Data analyst
I am expert in data analysis and have 5 years of experience in the same. With strong knowledge of mathematical and statistical analysis packages such as Matlab and Stata, I have managed to deliver over 51 projects on quantitative research. I also have excellent programming skills especially in Python, Java and R. My services include data extraction, preparation of data for analysis, drawing conclusions from data, and generating results. I am accurate, dedicated, and deliver all projects before deadlines.

Qoua H
Education: PhD in Epidemiology, University of Harvard, Pharm.D, University of Florida, BSc in Pharmacoeconomics, University of Wisconsin
Pharmacist/Data Scientist/Epidemiologist/Statistician
I have a PhD in epidemiologist and an extensive knowledge and expertise in Pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology, data analysis and informatics. My proficiency in SPSS, STATA, Matlab, R, and SAS, has seen me serve a variety of clients with various projects related to statistics and epidemiology. I have authored a number of books that have featured in major publications in the US. I pay close attention to details and have a fast turnaround time. If you are looking for someone to help you with your stats project, I am the right person for the job.

Lydia. I
Education: MSc in Economics, University of Southampton, BSc in Statistics, University of Pirates
Statistician/Data Analyst
I hold a BSc in statistics and MSc in economics. I have worked as a statistician in various companies, m core duties being creating statistical analysis plans, performing data analysis, and formulating charts and graphs to present results. I have experience in handling both small and big data sets using the most commonly used statistical tools and software such as SAS, VBA, R, STATA, SPSS, and Excel. I have skills in a variety of statistical techniques including t-tests, chi-square test, logistic regression, linear regression, survival analysis, multinomial logistic regression, mixed models, etc.

I have excellent time management and organizational skills, which help me to deliver projects within deadlines. I provide excellent work, which has garnered me, good reputation among my clients and won me a good number of repeat clients.

Matthew S
Education: PhD in Economics and Politics, Brandeis University
Professional Geospatial consultant and analyst
I have over 6 years of experience in GIS analysis and have offered my consulting services to various US governmentagencies such as NOAA, USFS, FWS, and EPA. I have broad knowledge of public datasets especially demographic and environmental. Additionally, I can perform automatic data extraction from antiquated FTPs, APIs such as ArcGIS, and websites.

Also, I am proficient in network analysis, interpolating geospatial sparse datasets, geocoding massive address, and sensing remote data (Modis, Sentinel, lidar). I can manage both small and large databases including PostgreSQL/PostGIS and ESRI Geodatabases both remotely and locally.

I have vast expertise in a large variety of analytical software and programs including Python, Linux, open-source GISs and proprietary GISs, Stata, Matlab, R, and SPSS.

Brian L
Education: B.A. in Economics, Bentley University, M.A. in Economics and Mathematics, New York University
Python Programmer/Data Scientist
I am currently working as an economist in a consulting firm in New York. I have worked here for 3 years, which has given me enough expertise in economics analysis, machine learning, and programming. I specialize in areas such as econometrics and economic analysis, Python(statistical analysis, web scraping, solving DSGE models), time series analysis, EVIEWS/STATA/MATLAB/R, and machine learning (wavelets, PCA, random forests, SVM, neural networks)

Sami H
Education: MSc in development and International Economics, University of Yale
Expert Researcher
I am a professional researcher with vast experience in quantitative research. I have worked on numerous development and behavioral economics research projects. My services have benefited both scholars and businesses. With extensive skills and competency in economic analysis, Stata, and SPSS, I have managed to deliver quality academic documents and non-academic projects.

Yechu. H
Education: PhD in Economics, Duke University
Data visualization and data analysis expert
I am a self-motivated data analyst who has over 4 years of expertise in quantitative research, data visualization, and economics modeling. Over the years, I haveserved clientsboth in academic institutions and in private sectors. My expertise in SAS, Tableau, Stata, and R has enabled me to deliver outstanding projects in biostatics, health economics, and economics.