Stata assignment help

Assignments involving Stata have proven to be very challenging for many students who study statistics. The main challenge a majority of them face is the complexity of this software that makes its use very challenging.

Good grades are also very important on such assignments and that is why you need help from our experts. These are highly qualified individuals with years of experience in providing efficient assignment help services to students studying statistics.

Our service covers all levels of study, right from undergraduate to Ph.D. level. We also cover all the topics that come under Stata and can perform all the analyses that require the use of Stata. With our professional help, you will easily achieve the grades you desire because our experts have, over the years, proven their proficiency using the software.

What is Stata

Stata is general-purpose statistical software that can be used to undertake various statistical tasks. These tasks include data management, statistical analysis, graphics, simulation, regression, and programming.

The software comes in 4 major versions which are:

  • Stata MP for multiprocessor computers
  • Stata SE for large databases
  • Stata IC which is the standard version
  • Stata numerics which is for embedded devices

Stata primarily emphasizes on a command-line based interface, which is ‘scary’ for novice users. Even though a GUI has been introduced starting from version 8.0, many institutions of higher learning prefer teaching out Stata in CLI. Many students are challenged by this and assignments become tougher for them to solve.

Another reason why students are challenged with Stata assignments is that they have to purchase the software to use it. Most of the time, they do not have the funds to keep up with the subscription on Stata mainly because they do not use it on a daily basis. We, on the other hand, use Stata regularly to handle students’ projects and we keep up to date with all the versions of Stata. You, therefore, don’t have to incur extra expenses in purchasing the software just to end up with poor performance in your assignment.

Stata also involves custom programming where students write code to solve statistical problems with the software. For students with no prior experience in any programming language, programming Stata can be a very huge challenge. Our experts have handled this kind of code problem for many students and therefore they are well versed with the Stata programming syntax.

Other key features of Stata

Stata data formats

Stata can read data from a variety of file formats. These include CSV files, databanks, excel formats, etc. Stata can also read data from other statistical tools such as SAS. For compatibility, Stata data formats can also be read by other statistical software. A good example is the gretl software which is for econometrics.

The most common file formats in which Stata files are saved in include:

  • .dta for data files
  • .do for stata syntax commands
  • .gph for graph files
  • .stpr for project files
  • .stsem for SEM path diagram files.

Stata Data Structure

Stata can only open a single dataset at any particular time. This makes it inconvenient to use Stata to handle large datasets. The main reason behind this is that Stata holds the entire dataset in the RAM which limits the amount of data it can handle at a time.


Apart from the built-in commands, Stata allows the use of user-defined commands which are normally stored in the ado-files.

Stata topics handled by us

Our Stata assignment help services cover Stata as a whole. Our experts have proficient knowledge of Stata and therefore the topics on which the assignment is based should be the least of your worries. However, there are some topics that have proved to be troublesome to over 70% of students and these are the ones we interact with most. Tabulated below is a list of some of the most gruesome topics among students of Stata.

Data management with Stata Analysis of Variance with Stata
Regression analysis with Stata Quantitative methods with Stata
Plotting of scatter plots with Stata Dynamic factor models

The above are just but a few of the Stata topics we handle. However, you can be sure that whatever topic you are being challenged in, we can easily see you through it because we are the ultimate Stata experts.

Why you need our help with Stata

The technicality of the software

Stata is complex to use and can be very challenging for students. There’s much to learn before they become comfortable in using Stata to carry out statistical tasks. These technicalities make it challenging to solve the assignments successfully.

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To attain excellent performance

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Time shortage

Time shortage is one thing many students face while in college. There’s always much that students have to handle at any particular time for both their academic and social life. Assignments make a huge chunk of the tasks awaiting these students’ attention.

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