SPSS Experts

Esna R
Education: PhD in Economics, University of Queensland, Australia
AMOS and SPS, Statistical Data analyst
I have a PhD in Economics. Having worked as a statistical data analyst for years I have gained extensive research and data analysis skills. I also have proficiency in interpreting results and writing academic documents.
I use AMOS and SPSS to perform data analysis like Regression, ANOVA, CFA, EFA, T-Test, Moderation Testing and Mediation. This makes the process easier, more authentic and accurate.
Some of my work has been published in international journals.
Though my main area of expertise is Service Marketing, Nonprofit Marketing, Management, Leadership, and Relationship Marketing, my love for science and research as well as the ability to think and reason critically helps me in interpreting and customizing research results appropriately.

Amine K
Education: PhD in Statistics, Adams State University, Colorado
Research Writer and Data Analyst
I am a competent data analyst and research writer. My excellent command on various statistical softwares like AMOS, SPSS, and Excel has helped me become a professional researcher and data analyst in the field of statistics.
For the past 6 years, I have successfully completed over 400 projects in this field, mostly dealing with ANOVA, structural equatingmodeling, regression analysis, t-test, etc. Other than these, I have written countless academic research papers on Management, Psychology, Business, Human Resource, Marketing, and Education.
I value my clients and their needs come first. I strive to meet each of their requirements and for that reason, I am able to deliver 100% satisfaction. I not only deliver quality solutions to my clients on time but also ensure that all orders give value for the price charged. With me, you can expect all the basic deliverables such as error free work, original and quality content, and on-time delivery. I can deliver customized projects based on the needs put across by my clients.

Nedeljiko R
Education: MSc in Economics, BSc in Statistics, Northern Illinois University, Illinois
Statistical Data Analyst/ AMOS/SPSS
I am a professor in one of the most reputed universities in Serbia and on top of that, I have written several books on Research Methodologies. With over 20 years of experience in freelancing, I have gained vast knowledge and skills in data analysis, methodology design, and results interpretation in statistics.
If you are looking for someone to perform analysis and interpret results in AMOS and SPSS, including Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Explanatory Factor Analysis, Regression Analysis, Path Analysis, and Moderator Analysis using T-Test, ANOVA, etc., then I am the person for the job. The final work will be of high quality and delivered to you on time.

Aya M
Education: BSc in Statistics, Columbus State University, Georgia
Statistical Data Analyst, Survey Specialist and SPSS Expert
I hold a degree in statistics with over 5 years of experience in dissertation analysis, data analysis, survey analysis, qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. I have practical knowledge and skills in using the most commonly used data analysis tools and software such as SPSS, IBM, STATA, Excel, and R Studio.
You can hire me if you are stuck in:Developing and creating questionnaires using Survey Gizmo, Survey Monkey, SawTooth, and Qualtrics.

  1. Validating data with economical and financial trend inspection
  2. Data cleaning, data entry, data management, and data mining
  3. Performing statistical analysis like regression analysis, correlation analysis, ANOVA, factor analysis, survival analysis, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, CAPM, life tables, factor models and any other statistical technique
  4. Interpreting and writing excellent reports
  5. Interpreting graphs, tables for theses, essays, and dissertations

Aleksandra S
Education: PhD in Statistics, University of Tasmania, Australia
Researcher, Statistical Analyst, Psychometrician, and SPSS Expert
I hold a PhD in statistics and have over 5 years of experience in statistical analysis, commercial and scientific research, psychometrics, survey and methodology design, and academic writing.
Having  excellent proficiency with a wide variety of statistical software such as SPSS, STATA, Minitab, Excel, AMOS, StatTools, R and others, I can perform various data analysis techniques including but not limited to reliability analysis, descriptive statistics, t-tests, correlations, ANOVA, and regressions. I can also deliver solutions to advanced topics like ANCOVA, GLM, multivariate analyses, cluster analysis, factor analysis, discriminant and canonical analysis, SEM, and much more.
Over the years, I have delivered over 60 scientific papers, theses, commercial projects and surveys as well as academic assignments. Other than competency in statistics, I have experience in psychology, market research, MBA, health care, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, biology, linguistics, engineering, and sociology.
If you need help with any statistical analysis, results interpretation and reporting, research methodologies, developing questionnaires, survey design, and research paper editing and proofreading, I will do the job for you.

Marwa A
Education:MSc in Economics, Kingston University, UK
Research and Survey Expert, SPSS Professional, Statistical Data Analyst
Energetic expert data analyst with a sound track record of offering help with research projects to scholars, businesses, and researchers.
I have vast experience in administering surveys, developing databases, researching and analyzing data, as well as interpreting data and preparing reports. For the past 4 years, I have been providing assistance to those who need help in statistical data analysis, which has given me practical skills in collecting data and developing systems that support data analysis, interpretation, and reporting.
My core proficiencies include data management, coding, and filtering, designing and administering questionnaires and surveys, data analysis, interpreting results, creating reports, and presenting findings. I am well versed with data analysis software such as SPSS, Minitab, Stata, and MS Office Suite.

Bojan P.
Education: BSc in Statistics, Cameron University, Oklahoma
Statistician, SPSS Analyst, and Data Analyst
I have more than 3 years of experience in statistical data analysis. So far, I have delivered more than 90 projects to corporations and businesses. To give authentic solutions, I have mastered data cleaning, and data analysis techniques using SPSS and MS Excel. These two have also enabled me to find data errors and deliver solutions that meet the expectations of my clients.
Some of the SPSS data analysis techniques that I have performed in the past include correlation, linear and multiple regressions, canonical discriminant analysis, factor analysis, ANOVA, and much more.

Heather F
Education: BSc in Economics, MSc in Statistics, Lincoln University, Pennsylvania
Statistical Data Analyst
Statistical analyst specializing in biostatistics.
I am deeply familiar with SPSS, IBM, SAS, R, and Excel, which helps me run, clean, and interpret data. I am taking PhD in statistics and a certificate in Economics. I will be happy to work with you on your stats projects in order to help you perform statistical data analysis on your own in the future.

Inga T
Education: BSc in Statistics, Cambridge University, UK
Statistical Consultant
An expert researcher with PhD in Psychology.
I have 8 years of experience in quantitative data analysis using SPSS and Mplus. I have BSc in statistics from Cambridge University,which has given me expertise in structural equation modeling. I currently work as a researcher in various projects,which I have been doing for the past 4 years.
I have excellent skills in various research methodologies such as data collection, data interpretation, quantitative data analysis, and reports creation. I also provide guidance on data modeling and analysis to those who would like to perform the statistical data analysis by themselves. If you need assistance with your stats project, I will be happy to help.

Eleftheria P
Education: PhD in Economics, University of Newcastle, New South Wales
Statistical Analyst and Economics Expert
I am highly experienced in data analysis with deep knowledge of data management and statistical analysis tools and software like SPSS, IBM, and Excel. I have delivered several projects on various data analysis topics such as multivariate analysis, regression analysis, pricing models, capital asset, and more.
Please get in touch with me for all your data analytical needs so that we can discuss how I can be of assistance to you.

Sam D
Education: BSc in Education Psychology, University of Canberra, Australia
SAS/SPSS Statistician and Programmer
I have 4years of experience in statistical analysis and programming in SPSS and SAS, writing macros in Excel, and writing code in SAS and VBA. Some of the projects I have successfully delivered in the past covered areas such as statistical modeling, regression, analysis of variance, structural equation modeling, etc. I therefore can be of great help to those who need an extra hand in their statistical projects. Looking forward to working with you.

Gideon D
Education: PhD in Business Mathematics and Informatics, , M.S., Risk Analysis, North-West University
Expert Financial Engineer and Risk Analyst
I love providing optimal solutions to the challenges presented to me. As a professional in risk analysis, I have been creating, executing, and coordinating credit risk models in various banks and financial institutions. I have spent the last 10 years automating risk management processes to provide fast, error-free, and seamless solutions.
I deliver reusable solutions that can be updated to accommodate any possible eventualities and future developments. My excellent skills in Excel VBA and SAS have enabled me to handle a wide range of projects and provide applications that require minimal manual user intervention. I can also provide solutions to any problem related to mathematics, statistics, applied mathematics, money and banking, economics, data analytics, and computer science.

Willem Van Der W
Education: BSc in Economics and Biostatistics, University of Houston, Texas
Statistical Analyst, SPSS Expert
I am a statistical data analyst with BSc in Economics and Biostatistics. I have 5 years of experience in statistical analysis including R programming, SAS, SPSS, ANOVA, quantitative analysis and more. My work has serves many students, government institutions, as well as commercial employers.

Education: BSc in Economics, Radford University, Virginia
Expert Statistician and Researcher
I am well versed with various statistical procedures and ready to assist you in performing data analysis, creating presentations, and summarizing reports. I use SPSS, SAS, U, and Excel, to complete projects related to statistical programming. For the past 3 years, I have worked as a freelancer, helping students with assignmentsinvolving data entry, research, number crunching, and statistical programming.

Daniel R
Education: BSc in Economics, University of Leicester, UK
Statistics Tutor and Consultant
I hold PhD in Economics and BSc in Psychology. I have spent the last 4 years teaching SPSS related courses in various colleges in Tucson. My services include providing consultation on research design and statistical data analyses for dissertation and theses in computer science, education psychology, and political science.

Ilia B
Education: BSc in Biostatistics, University of Washington, Washington
Senior Statistical Analyst, Expert Data Scientist
I have been working as a statistical analyst and data scientist for the last 15 years. With PhD in Biostatistics data research and analysis, I have developed solutions to clients who had problems related to Survey Reporter, SPSS, IBM, SQL, advanced Excel, Python, as well as various visualizations tools like Tableau and Qlikvew.

Jhanett M
Education: MSc in Economics, PhD in Statistics, Western Sydney University, Australia
SPSS Expert, Statistical Analyst
Highly experienced researcher and statistical data analyst.
I am a tutor at a university in San Andres, and have obtained great and profound knowledge of qualitative methods and statistics throughout my practice. I am also a part time researcher and have gained profound writing skills, which have enabled me to deliver quality academic documents to all those who needed my assistance in drafting the same. My experience in psychometric studies, social research, creation of reports and surveys has given me a strong foundation in providing solutions that meet the expectations of my clients.
I am also pretty familiar with various statistical software and applications such as IBM SPSS, MS Excel, PAST, R, Minitab, and JASP. My services include conducting research, running and analyzing statistical tests such as ANOA, PCA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, cluster analysis, t-tests, etc., creating dashboards and data visualizations, developing surveys, writing reports, and proofreading academic documents.

Md S
Education: MSc in Statistics, University of Liverpool, UK
Researcher, SPSS Expert, Data Modeler
I have over 5 years of expertise in SPSS, STATA, NVivo, and R, and have served clients who needed assistance in quantitative data analysis using STATA and SPSS. I also provide online consultation and tutoring sessions for those who need guidance on various statistical projects.
I MSc in statistics from Newcastle University and deep experience in data collection, social economics, analysis in SPSS, Excel, STATA, and MS Access, database development, report writing, and GIS based analysis.
I am passionate about data analysis and visualization. That said, I provide help with data analysis and produce authentic reports on the same. I also conduct tutoring sessions on STATA, SPSS, and database management in general.
Clients are my first priority. Thus, I deliver all projects in a timely manner and in simple text, which is easy to understand.

Nemsho L
Education: MSc in Business Informatics, University of Oregon, Oregon
AMOS and SPSS Expert, Professional Data Analyst
I am an MSc holder and have majored in business informatics. I have 3 years of experience in data analysis, research, data presentation, interpretation of results and academic writing.
To easily perform analysis like regressions, ANOVA, confirmatory factor analysis, explanatory factor analysis, t-tests, and structural equations modeling, I use AMOS and SPSS so that I can deliver accurate results. In addition to proficiency in statistical software, I can deliver solutions to MySQLand MSSQL sever related problems.