SAS Experts

Fei X
Education: PhD in Statistics, Nagoya University
I have over 12 years of experience in statistics and data analysis. I have a bachelor degree min biostatistics and master’s degree in engineering math. I am currently working in a highly ranked university in Canada and have published over 22 peer-reviewed papers, mainly focusing on health outcomes. My interest is conducting research and analyzing data.

Stuart V
Education: BSc in Business and Economics, Appalachian State University
Data Analysis Professional
I have a strong background in Economics and am currently pursuing my MBA in finance and banking. Over the last 4 years I have completed various projects involving finance principles, financial modeling functions, accounting, budgeting, banking, derivatives, and microeconomics. I am deeply familiar with financial modeling, excel spreadsheets, budgeting, accounting, personal finance, options trading, investments, and more. My aim is to help you with your project to help you achieve your financial goals.

Gustavo F
Education: BSc in Statistics, Oxford University
Statistical Analyst
I graduated in 2008 with a degree in Statistics and have worked professionally for the last 8 years with a variety of data analysis platforms including Excel, SAS, and SPSS. My projects have served a number of governmentagencies, technology companies, and banks. I have also taken part in variousprojects such as creating versions of databases, constructing social indicators, conducting hypothesis test, and statistical modeling. I have great respect for deadlines, ability to work with others, and great analytical skills.

Jun L
Education: M.A., Statistics, University of Missouri, M.B.A. Marketing, University of California
Data Analyst/Statistics Tutor and Consultant
I teach statistics and provide consultation for peer-reviewed papers, dissertations, and commercial projects. I have delivered numerous projects involving environmental science, financial economy and biomedical science to major US and international universities. I combine my knowledge of statistics with the subject area to provide a solution that solves your issue. Whether you have a problem operating your business or are a student who wants to graduate, I can provide optimal solutions and assistance with your projects.
Some of the projects Ihave successfully delivered in the past include regression analysis, logistic regression analysis, survey data analysis, and market data analysis.

Cissy S
Education: M.A. in Statistics, University of Denver, PhD in Economics, North Carolina State University
Data Scientist/Statistician
I am a data scientist and statistician. With over 13 years in this field, I have developed outstanding skills in machine learning, qualitative analysis, data mining, and predictive modeling. I have participated in large-scale projects, which involved performing complex analysis of data to aid in the decision-making process in areas such as mortgage and finance, healthcare, marketing, HR, retail, and clinical trials.
My work involves inspecting, cleaning, transforming and mining data to identify useful information that can support decision-making and generate insights for businesses and organizations. I am also a certified researcher and my work has been featured in major publications. My tools of trade include SAS, STATA, R, Python, and Tableau. With these, I am able to analyze, explore, visualize, data efficiently and produce the desired results.

Wojciech J
Education: M.S., Decision Support Systems, Warsaw University
SAS Professional
I am a Java programmer and a certified SAS specialist. I have worked as a warehouse data analyst for 7 years. During this period, I have scooped Basic, Advanced and Data Integration SAS certifications, which have given me enough expertise to handle any SAS project thrown my way. If your problem is transforming, analyzing, and manipulating data, then I might be able to help.

Murat K
Education: PhD in Mathematics and Statistics, Cornell University
Expert Data Analyst
 I am a professional data analyst with 5 years of experience in marketing, strategic planning, and CRM analytics. I have vast knowledge of data analysis software such as R, SPSS, SAS, Python, SQL, User, and Tableau. I have completedprojects that involved preparing value added pricing models, creating value quantification of products, implementing Tableau with MySQL for real time tracking, and developing regression models.

Daniel W
Education: M.A. in Quantitative Methods, Cambridge University
Excel/VBA Expert
I am an expert in Excel and VBA. I mainly focus on generating reports but I can comfortably handle any project related to Excel and produce high quality solutions. My services include cleaning and formatting excel data, breaking down large excel reports into smaller and manageable tabs or files, automating repetitive excel procedures with VBA, converting excel data to PDF reports, as well as filtering and processing SAS data.

Richard Earl
Education: PhD in Psychology, UCLA, M.A. Psychology and Mathematics, UC Davis
Statistician/Research Scientist
I am an expert researcher and statistician who have been offering consulting across various data management projects. For the past 6 years, I have worked as a consultant on numerous projects, investigator, and medical researcher across many fields. My work has been used in data safety monitoring boards and institutional review boards. I have vast experience in programming using Excel VBA and other statistical software packages.

Bhavin G
Education: BSc, Economics, IIT Bombay
Data Visualization/Statistical Modeling/ Data Analysis Expert
I am a data analytics professional with more than 8 years of experience in developing statistical models, business analysis, story boarding, customer segmentation, automation and visualization. My strong skills in Excel, Stata, SAS, and SPSS, have helped me solve a wide variety of business problems for payments industry and banking industry. I have excellent project and time management skills, which ensure timely delivery of orders to my clients.

Cici W
Education: PhD in Economics, Johns Hopkins University
Expert in Storytelling Science
I can help you create a compelling story using your data.
I have over 5 years in story telling and giving advice to business startups. I have therefore developed skills that help people identify unique situations in their businesses and draft a story that sells the business to consumers.

Harry J
Education: PhD, Epidemiology, Yale University, M.P.H., Chronic Disease Epidemiology, Brown University
Epidemiologist/SAS Programmer
I am currently studying epidemiology. Apart from that, I have extensive experience in conducting epidemiology research studies. I have authored 14 academic journals, reviewed various academic journals and performed a number of presentations at both local and international conferences. I am also a statistical programmer with vast knowledge and skills in programming data using SAS, and creating figures, tables, and listings.

Andrew S
Education: M.A. in Economics, Vanderbilt University
Experienced Analytics Leader and Advisor
I love working with small businesses and startups to help them grow. I have spent the past 7 years following this passion and have contributed constructive insight to some of the most interesting, smallest, and largest companies in the world. If you too want to see your business grow, let’s get into business and I will show how this is done step by step.
As a trusted analytics leader, innovation discoverer, and business advisor, I have helped millions of customers manage their businesses. I am looking forward to assisting you and adding value to your business. I have excellent skills in SQL, SAS, P&Ls, Excel, and statistical modeling.

Alexandra T
Education: M.S. in Applied Mathematics, DePaul University
Statistical Analysis Expert
I have worked for more than 11 years as a researcher and statistician my main areas of expertise being market research, finance, and insurance. I have vast experience in predictive modeling, data analysis and manipulation, generating complex reportsfrom various data sources, Macro coding and SAS development, credit risk models, data mining, developing metrics dashboards, and more.
I am deeply familiar with various OP systems and data analysis platforms including SAS, SPSS, R, FICO Model Builder, SQL Server, Business Objects, Matlab, Minitab, Ab Initio, KXEN, OLAP Cubes, Oracle, MS Office, Tableau, C++, Java, and Visual Basic.

Pallavi D
Education: M.A. in Economics, Boston University
Statistical Data Analyst
I am a professional in market analytics and hold a Master’s degree in economics. I am proficient in providing data around return on investments and market sizing to define a marketing strategy. I am adept at performing various statistical data analyses such as variance analysis, sampling simulation, and regression as well as econometric modeling. I have strong skills in SQL, SAS, Tableau, STATA, and MS Office. If you are looking for someone to help you with economic research and data analysis, I could be the perfect person for the job.

Kenneth M
Education: M.S., Epidemiology, Tulane University, B.A. in Psychology and Political Science, University of Texas
Technology Consultant, Data Manager, SAS Programmer, and Project Manager
I am a professional in clinical research with proficiency in SAS programming, clinical data management, software validation, project management, CRO management and selection, electronic data capture, clinical research monitoring, and business analysis. Over the past 15 years, I have provided consulting service and guidance in SAS programming and clinical data management to medical device, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

Christopher B
Education: PhD, Finance and Economics, New York Institute of Technology
Data Analytics and Informatics
I have technical skills and expertise in manipulating and transforming data to aid in strategic business development. I have successfully delivered projects involving analytics frameworks, routine modeling, advanced data discovery, and inferential statistics. My aim is to provide a solution that addresses your business needs and improves its overall productivity.

Timothy K
Education: M.A. in Mathematics and Statistics, University of Oxford
Expert SAS Programmer
I am a statistical programmer with a solid knowledge and expertise in project management and data analysis. With more than 9 years of experience in SAS programming, I have completed projects dealing with pharmaceutical, financial, and marketing data. I have also delivered courses on basic and advanced SAS and given presentations on statistical methods and SAS at business forums. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills and a keen eye for details. I ensure that my projects are completed and delivered to my clients on time.

Jonathan P
Education: B.S. Accounting and Economics, M.S., Economics, University of North Carolina
Advanced Analytics Expert, Statistician, and SAS Developer
I am a highly qualified statistician with vast experience in market research analytics, mathematics, computer science economic analysis, and credit risk. Currently I am working as a data analyst and database developer. I am well versed in SQL Programming, SAS, Excel, Tableau and Python, which has given me an excellent foundation in managing data, handling API requests, building machine-learning models, general scripting, and web scraping. I can also develop data mining programs that run on the web.
Professionally, I have worked in credit risk and market research departments for various analytics consulting agencies, banks, and retail lenders. I have also taken part in the completion of numerous projects such as development and deployment of model validation platforms, data mining, database design and development, and system design.

Craig M
Education: BSc in Computer Science, Carlos University
VBA, MS Excel, and SAS Expert
I have 13 years of experience as a VBA programmer and 10 years of SAS programming. I apply logic, decision-making and problem solving skills to complex business situations in order to develop and deliver cost effective solutions. I design, test, and analyze projects to determine their capabilities and effectiveness to the organization. Looking forward to providing an efficient solution that meets your business needs.

Alicia G
Education: M.A. in Statistics, Texas University
R and SAS Expert
I have a Master’s degree in statistics and extensive skills in statistical and mathematical data analysis. My vast programming experience, creativethinkingability, and problem solving skills are some of the attributes that give me a strong foundation in delivering successful projects. I am well versed in data management software including but not limited to MS Access, SAS, R, SQL, and Excel. I am able to collect, analyze, interpret, and present statistical information to aid in the decision-making process. I am highly experienced in error analysis and hypotheses testing, preparing oral and written reports and completing statistical and mathematical projects for both academic and non-academic institutions. I have spent the last 9 years solving problems for businesses and showing others how to solve problems efficiently and effectively.
As a professional SAS and R programmer, I have delivered projectsrelated to data cleaning, data mining, ad hoc reporting, regression analysis, error propagation techniques, testing mean differences, and research methodology.