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Table Of Contents
  • Introduction to data research

Introduction to data research

Research data is information that is collected for purposes of analysis in order to validate the research results. This kind of information is in most cases the factual material obtained during the process of conducting the research. In the professional field, this data is in many cases stored in digital format though it may occur in any other format as well.

Research data can be broadly classified into the below-mentioned categories

  • Exploratory research
  • Empirical research (qualitative and quantitative research)
  • Constructive research

Exploratory research

 This is research on a problem that is not clearly defined and the main aim is to help the researcher identify the real problem or question of research.

Constructive research

 This is research that is more inclined towards testing of theories mainly through experimentation.

Empirical research

It encompasses the use of empirical evidence to gain knowledge. Empirical evidence is basically a record of one’s observations or experiences and the analysis of these records to come up with patterns and possible solutions is empirical research. The analysis of empirical evidence can be carried out in 2 ways.

Qualitative research

This is research that is driven towards understanding human behavior and the reason behind such behavior. Data for this kind of research is collected in terms of videos, images, and audio. The main aim of qualitative research is not to determine the numbers but to come up with solutions based on finding out the inspirations behind certain behavior. Qualitative research methods include ethnographic research, grounded theory, phenomenology, biographical research, etc.

Quantitative research

This is the analysis of empirical evidence by majorly focusing on the quantitative aspects of the properties. In this case, therefore, numerical data is collected and analyzed using various statistical methods to come up with solutions. Quantitative research methods include surveys, experimental research, correlational research, etc.

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