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  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Cross-cultural Psychology
  • Biological Psychology
  • Behavior Therapy
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Cognitive Psychology

Cognitive psychology involves formulating cognitive models to get insight into how people think. These information-processing models can be used to study perception, language, consciousness, thinking, and attention. The advancement of computer knowledge has allowed psychologists to use artificial systems to study the complexities of human cognition. This process involves trying to understand the mind of humans by comparing the complexities of things that can be understood better.

Cross-cultural Psychology

Cross-cultural psychology strives to understand how cultural factors affect how people behave. Psychologists argue that although several aspects of human behavior and thought are universal, differences in culture often influence how people feel, act, and even think. For example, some cultures campaign for individualism while some stress collectivism. These differences can affect several aspects of life.

Biological Psychology

This type of psychology can also be referred to as behavioral neuroscience or physiological psychology. Biological psychology studies how physiological events relate to biological. In other words, we can say that biological psychology tries to explain how the brain controls the rest of the nervous system's activities. These activities include feeling, perceiving, sensing, and learning.

Behavior Therapy

Behavior therapy encourages the reinforcement of good habits and discarding bad habits. It is based on the concept that people gain a learning experience from the experiment. The theories of operant conditioning and classical are used to generate approaches used in behavior therapy treatments. This type of therapy assumes that physical sensations, feelings, and thoughts are interconnected. Also, it argues that negative thoughts and emotions go round in a cycle and keep us stuck.

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